Democrat Elite’s “Good for Me but not for Thee”

 Florida Governor DeSantis sent 50 illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to make a statement. America is fed up with Biden’s dereliction of duty, his refusal to defend our southern borders. His inaction has created a crisis of an unprecedented magnitude which rich liberals who support this administration completely ignore. Since Biden came into office, more than five million illegal migrants have entered the United States. This serious threat to our nation’s security continues to devastate border states as well as wreak havoc on countless American cities. Coupled with Democrat’s soft on crime policies, violent crimes are spiking out of control along with a worsening epidemic of deaths from fentanyl poisoning because these drugs flow freely across our open borders into communities across the country.

Not surprisingly, the Democrat media feigned outrage at Governor DeSantis’s action yet they were utterly silent when the very elite Democrats who routinely preach about “compassion for poor migrants” called the national guards within 24 hours to deport the 50 migrants from their island paradise. The real outrage is the blatant hypocrisy demonstrated by these liberal elites who clearly care not a whit about the wellbeing of these migrants nor for that matter the rest of the country which struggles every day with the horrific border crisis Biden created. One would think that Mrs. Obama’s twelve million Dollar 28-acre summer estate would have been more than adequate to house these 50 desperate folks at least temporarily. But alas, People Magazine’s icon of “compassion and grace” let us down.

Few will remember when Obama was president, he had a plan to “deconstruct the single-family home” in America. It was perhaps historically unprecedented that a sitting U.S. president deliberately targeted a fundamental Constitutional right of the people, our “property rights.” That was nearly a decade ago but the establishment media rarely touched this story. Shortly after taking office, Obama’s Woke Administration deemed the “American Dream” of home ownership, a middle-class single-family home, “racist.” They arrived at this conclusion based on their interpretation of U.S. Census data which they presented as proof America is a racist country because they said not enough blacks or minorities live in rich rural residential areas. Thus, they will bring “fairness” to housing and make America comply by controlling zoning through the prism of “diversity” and remake rural America into planned zones of densely populated urban communities. They called this initiative, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.”

 Obama formed a consortium of three federal agencies, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) called “the Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities.” Its mandate was to execute a scheme to wrestle the zoning authority away from municipalities that receive HUD grants from the federal government (a quid pro quo for taking federal money). The consortium was spearheaded by HUD, while EPA planned the consolidation of controlled residential zones to “reclaim open space” ostensibly to restore and preserve the natural environment. The DOT’s role was to streamline all transportation between the planned residential zones (The Democrat’s war on fossil fuels and Biden’s goal of the electrification of all transportation was all part of this grand scheme). Although never officially publicized, this shadowy scheme included enlisting partisan legislators and local leftwing officials to seize tracks of land by eminent domain in order to eventually achieve the Obama administration’s end goals.

The Obama administration tried to spread this land-grab scheme across America municipality by municipality and county by county to convert rural and suburban living into planned urban communities. The objective was to make America transition from “rich racist white suburbia” to “dense multi-racial urban population centers.” And although this initiative was advanced quietly in the shadows, it did grab some headlines. Investor’s Business Daily published a piece on 12/13/2013 entitled, “HUD Targets Suburban Zoning As Racist, Official Warns.” The article read, “The Department of Housing and Urban Development plans to expand its view of discriminatory housing practices to include local zoning rules to control building in suburban neighborhoods, a New York County official battling the federal agency warns. Rob Asterino, the Republican executive of Westchester County says his Manhattan suburb illustrates what the rest of the country can expect under a sweeping anti-discrimination regulation HUD is expected to finalize by Christmas.” HUD’s goal under Obama was to force a housing shift where eventually no single family dwellings with more than a quarter acre of land will be permitted in most municipalities (that is of course, except for the rich Democrats such as on Martha’s Vineyard).

 Obama was executing a backdoor assault on the American Dream. Basic right of home ownership was under attack by the Obama administration using federal Dollars and public grants to co-opt local zoning authority to accomplish this. That was until President Trump’s HUD secretary, Dr. Ben Carson put an end to this insidious program. Although I have no direct evidence of this, I believe it is highly likely that under Biden, this unconstitutional scheme which threatens our property rights is back. Folks, pay real close attention to what your towns are doing and if they take any federal monies from HUD, EPA or DOT. If they are, those dollars will likely have strings attached which may very well mean you’re at risk of ceding your zoning and other rights to Biden’s Woke federal agencies. Under Obama/Biden’s government, taking federal money is likely a deadly trap you will live to regret.

Now consider the recent Martha’s Vineyard incident when Governor DeSantis exposed the rich Democrats (with mansions like Obama’s $12 million Dollar summer estate) for the truly reprehensible hypocrites they are! Remember, these are the very people who think your “single family” home is “racist” so you must give it up and be herded into dense urban living they deem fit. That, to me, is the real story behind this Martha’s Vineyard incident. Elite Democrats like Obama and Biden have shown they live by a clear and grotesque double standard. What’s good for them is not good for the rest of us mere peasants, even as they continue to “fundamentally transform” America into something we no longer recognize or want. Without question, we now live in a two-tiered Justice system where the law only applies to mere peasants like us, but elite Democrats can commit felonies and even treason without facing any consequences whatsoever. These same elite Democrats live like monarchs with $12 million Dollar vacation homes while they impose restrictive policies that deny the average citizen our basic right to pursue the “American Dream.” To me the Martha’s Vineyard incident illustrates an indisputable fact that Democrats are “fundamentally transforming” America into a socialist oligarchy where elites rule over the rest of us ordinary Americans. Save America, ladies and gentlemen and vote Republican. We owe it to our children and future generations to reverse course and bring America back from this dystopia to our once free and fair Constitutional Republic before it’s too late.


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Democrats continue their “Inflation Reduction Act” deception

In advance of the mid-term elections the NC Democrats issued a press release touting Biden’s “accomplishments” highlighting positive results from the passage of the “Inflation Reduction Act.” The report entitled, “New Toyota EV Investment Highlights President Biden’s Work to Bring Back Manufacturing Jobs,” stated that Toyota plans to double its investment in their Triad-based plant to boost electric vehicle (EV) production. Governor Cooper had announced that Toyota will build its first North American battery plant in Randolph County and the new Democrat legislation is credited with enabling Toyota’s additional investments because of the $7,500 tax credits designed to incentivize the purchase of EVs. This law may create 350 new jobs in North Carolina, the press release said.

Of course, you’d expect Democrats to sing the praises of their President and that of Governor Cooper who takes Biden’s lead to push for “going green and creating jobs.” The press release touts a positive development in stark contrast to the mountain of calamity Democrats created the moment Biden stepped into the Oval Office less than two years ago. For most of us living with skyrocketing inflation, pain at the pump, violent crimes ruining our cities, homelessness and the recession decimating our 401ks, it’s hard not to see this press release as a cynical attempt to distract voter ahead of the mid-terms with some eye-candy.

“Biden bringing back manufacturing, attracting investments and create jobs?” Forgive me but it sure sounds like “fairy dust and unicorns,” so let’s unpack this latest Democrat shiny thing. It’s hard to argue against creating jobs, but what kind of jobs are these, what are we funding, how sustainable are these businesses and what returns are we getting for our tax subsidies? In short, there are greater considerations beyond their hypothetical 350 jobs sound bite. Lest we should forget Obama’s Solyndra debacle, a Green New Deal-like scheme that turned out to be a trainwreck. It went bankrupt, cost taxpayers millions while solar energy insiders and Democrat donors profited.

No one is arguing Toyota isn’t a good investor, they clearly are, but Republicans voted against the bill not because they were against job creation (as the dishonest press release implied) but because they believe government should not be picking winners and losers. And why wouldn’t Toyota up the ante on their North Carolina battery plant especially when the Biden administration continues to pressure auto manufacturers to go all electric and shower them with incentives for doing so?

Democrats crafted this legislation requiring EV batteries to be manufactured in America using 40% U.S. sourced materials. Auto makers must qualify to benefit from the taxpayer funded $7,500 incentive for new EV buyers. Crafty indeed because they’re using our money to bribe car companies into making batteries here to make them look good politically so they could say Biden’s bringing back manufacturing. But the truth is, their green agenda is grossly flawed because EVs are simply not ready for prime time and will create tremendous problems that will only exacerbate the economic malaise Democrats created when they declared war on petroleum. Besides, if EVs are so great why does one need a $7,500 tax credit to hook buyers?

Despite numerous issues that plague EV adoption in the U.S. such as high costs, recharge times, battery replacement costs, over mining, materials shortages, supply chain issues, thermal runaway risks, recalls, charging infrastructure and power grid issues, etc. Biden and Democrats ignore them all and persist in their war on petroleum. This despite the fact our conventional fueling infrastructure works independently of the electric power grid, it’s fully paid for, it built America and continues to serve our needs perfectly. Witness the recent passage of legislation in California which bans the sale of gas-powered cars after 2035 only EVs may be sold, and this with 17 other states contemplating adopting California’s insane policy. So why wouldn’t Toyota accept the generous subsidies offered by the Biden administration paid for by taxpayers to increase their North Carolina plant?

Ironically, it was Toyota that publicly stated they weren’t convinced EVs are the only solution for the future citing alternatives like hydrogen powered cars for example. In fact, it’s fascinating how the liberal press turned on Toyota in unison lambasting the company leadership for lacking the vision they once had when Toyota led the industry with the first successful hybrid, the Prius. Many even called Toyota an evil polluter that care nothing for the planet. Fascinating how the once darling of the green press is now a pariah because they dared to believe there are actually alternatives to EVs.

Republicans opposed the Inflation Reduction Act because it does absolutely nothing to reduce inflation. To the contrary, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, it will exacerbate the already painful inflationary spike in America, the worst since Carter was president four decades ago. Fact is, this is a “Green New Deal” bill which makes taxpayers pay for an utterly unsustainable, grossly ill-conceived, and patently unaffordable boondoggle. Biden and Democrats are making us fund their Green New Deal Utopia with money we don’t have and debt we can ill affords. Their out-of-control spending will compound this inflationary crisis and inflict even more pain. Not only is this legislation massively deceptive and dishonest, its failure will also further devastate the lives of hard-working Americans and their families. Republicans voted against it because it’s just another typical Democrat bait and switch.

Consider the following shocking statistics:

By state #1: “California leads the U.S. in the adoption of electric vehicles accounting for 38.9% of all EVs registered nationwide. That represents, however, less than 2% of all vehicles on the road in California.”

By State #2: Florida accounts for 6.7%; State #3: Texas accounts for 5.4%; State #4: Washington accounts for 4.4%; State #5: New York accounts for 3.6% (of all EVs registered nationwide).

Nationwide: “Just 0.06% of all vehicles registered in the country are electric.”

(Source: Share of U.S. EVs by state, Axios San Francisco – April 2, 2022)

But the NC Democrat’s press release continues to rave about Toyota’s battery plant:

“This plant will serve a central role in Toyota’s leadership toward a fully electrified future and will help us meet our goal of carbon neutrality in our vehicles and global operations by 2035.”

By the way, only days after California Governor, Newson signed into law the ban on the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035 when only EVs can be sold, he pleaded with California EV owners to postpone charging their cars from 4:00 pm to 9:00 PM to help mitigate the rolling power outages across his state. Perhaps someone should remind the good governor that less than 2% of all the cars on California roads today are EVs, so what’s going to happen after 2035?

New York Post reported on Biden’s recent White House celebration of his “Inflation Reduction Act” even as the market plummeted nearly 1,300 points the same day because Inflation remains at record levels. September 13, 2022, New York Post: “Biden, 79, had classic folk rocker James Taylor kick off the White House South Lawn bash with his 1970 hit “Fire and Rain” — a song reportedly about suicide and heroin addiction — to belatedly celebrate passage of his Inflation Reduction Act spending bill.”

Save America, ladies and gentlemen, vote Republican this November, at least they have the use of all their faculties.

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The Challenges of the China-America-Taiwan Triangle

The White House was in damage control when questioned about Speaker Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan. Their initial responses were mixed and confusing, was Biden telling Pelosi not to go because the Pentagon had publicly stated it would be provocative and unwise? The news drew immediate condemnation by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which responded with a threat of possible military action insisting the Speaker’s trip would be in violation of their sovereignty. Since 1949 Communist China has claimed that Taiwan is a rogue province they intend to take back. Admiral John Kirby on behalf of the White House attempted to defuse the situation by restating US-China policy and provided reassurance that America does not support Taiwan as an independent sovereign nation despite our bi-lateral relationship with the island state. That was not enough, however, to quell hostile rhetoric from the Chinese Ambassador to the US when Pelosi eventually landed in Taipei.

So why is the China versus Taiwan situation so tenuous that a foreign relations blunder by us could potentially ignite a Third World War? To understand this complex geo-political time bomb, we must look back into the history of the Twentieth Century in that part of the world beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Communism originated in Soviet Russia with the successful overthrow of the Czar by the Bolsheviks. Shortly after taking power, Vladimir Lenin, Russia’s Communist Party Chairman, created a spy agency called the “Comintern” (Communist International) with a stated mission of spreading Communism worldwide. The agency would infiltrate and recruit insurgents from within the nations targeted in order to cultivate revolution from within to eventually turn that nation Communist. As early as 1918, Lenin’s spies were dispatched around the world to establish Communist party insurgencies in many western democratic nations including the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Turkey. China, Russia’s closest neighbor, was likewise infiltrated by the Comintern on Lenin’s orders. Russian delegations were sent as diplomatic missions but worked secretly with members of the Comintern dispatched to strategic locations throughout China. They recruited agitators, university professors, malcontents, saboteurs all to subvert the Nationalist government in power, the Republic of China (a democratic republic, first established after the overthrow of the last imperial dynasty). The Comintern trained and funded their army of recruits from all the regions where they’ve been activated. Many traveled to Soviet Russia for training in how to generate effective propaganda. In China, the Comintern sent emissaries into major cities, bought newspapers, set up printing plants, produced Communist propaganda to distribute as early as 1918 beginning the process of subverting the sitting government and building an insurgency that would eventually become the Chinese Communist Party. During the Japanese invasion the Communists took advantage and pretended to fight for China but instead actively sabotaged the Nationalists’ effort to defend against the Japanese occupation. The Nationalists recognized the threat thus a civil war ensued against the Communists. This was at the end of the Second World War when President Truman sent General George C. Marshall to intervene, calling for a ceasefire in an attempt to broker a peaceful resolution to the civil war. With the fog of war, however, both against Japan and with the Communists, America’s intervention inadvertently gave the Communists the upper hand enabling them to escape the Nationalist’s army. They regrouped and with Soviet Union’s financial and military support eventually succeeded in forcing the Nationalists to take refuge on Taiwan where they remain today.

History does not look kindly on America’s role in permitting the CCP’s successful occupation of mainland China. The Nationalists led by Chiang Kai-Shek fought for eight long years against the Japanese invasion while simultaneously fighting an internal uprising instigated by Soviet Russia. Battle worn and out of options, Chiang looked desperately to America for aid to suppress the Communist insurgency. Instead, Truman’s China policy turned its back on Chiang’s democratic China, insisting that he first get his house in order before US aid would arrive. Republican Congressman Walter H. Judd of Minnesota (1943-1962) said in an interview regarding Truman’s prerequisite: “It took fifty years for Georgia to recover from one year under Sherman, and yet we expect Chiang Kai-Shek to come out from eight years of invasion and occupation by the Japanese and be streamlined overnight!” Meanwhile Truman sent General Marshal to broker a “power sharing peace deal” with the Communists. The irony of history is that the Truman Doctrine, which stated, “It must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures,” it was successful in keeping post WWII Western Europe free of communist tyranny, yet in China, President Truman insisted that a democratic government under siege by armed Communist rebels funded and aided militarily by an outsider (Soviet Russia) must share power with the Communists to keep peace. Again, Congressman Judd’s comments on Truman’s China policy: “Truman did the exact opposite in Asia (compared to Europe). He tried to appease Communism. He sent [General George C.] Marshall to China to tell the Chinese we wouldn’t help them unless they took the Communists into their government.” It was a foreign policy blunder that would give rise to a Communist tyranny that does not share our values of upholding human dignity and preserving freedom and in fact for the past 73 years the CCP has committed a long list of crimes against Humanity (and continues to do so) that dwarfs Adolf Hitler’s genocidal reign of terror. The tragic part of Truman’s legacy few will speak about is that this Communist superpower is now America’s most dangerous and powerful geo-political foe.

Despite the occupation of Mainland China by the Communists, the United States did remain steadfast in her support of the Republic of China on Taiwan and in fact signed a “Mutual Defense Treaty Between the Republic of China and the United States of America” in 1954 that pledged mutual support to defend the South China Sea where the US Navy maintained a significant presence throughout the Cold War. Fast forward to 1971 and Richard Nixon’s “Ping Pong Diplomacy” with China that began the softening of decades of Cold War aggression with the Communists. Nixon paved the way towards normalizing relations with Mainland China recognizing that in a post-Vietnam War world it would be a step in the right direction towards a more peaceful world to have China modernize and join the world community as a responsible global citizen. Eight years later President Jimmy Carter signed a Joint Communique for the United States to officially recognize the “People’s Republic of China” as the sole legal government of China. That policy shift in 1979 put the United States, Communist China and Taiwan into a nebulous foreign policy nightmare for 43 years. At that time, China was no match militarily or economically with the United States. They had little leverage yet they insisted that the Joint Communique include the “One China” policy provision in which the CCP alone is the legitimate government of all of China (including Taiwan). It remains a mystery why President Carter signed away America’s leverage to insist on guaranteed peace between China and Taiwan with the stroke of the pen. By signing the Joint Communique, Jimmy Carter also tore up the Mutual Defense Treaty Between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the United States in essence putting Taiwan, a decades long partner who shared American values of democratic governance and human rights under the bus in favor of a Communist tyranny.

The present relationship between Taiwan and America remains nebulous and confusing. It defied the implementation of any concrete or functional policy nuance that would not trigger controversial diplomatic challenges with China. It existed only as a “wink-wink nod-nod” policy, if you could even call it that. What America’s recognition of the CCP did was also to permit Communist China to be seated as one of five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The International prestige now goes to the CCP. International recognition of their one China policy has enabled the deployment of China’s global ambitions while simultaneously creating problems both in economic and diplomatic access to numerous countries for Taiwan. History has shown that agreeing to China’s terms in the Joint Communique was an enormous mistake in hindsight, but why did the Carter Administration recognize the People’s Republic of China as the sole legitimate government of China agreeing to their “One China Policy” with no provisions to protect Taiwan? In the Nineteen Seventies China was virtually bankrupt economically and militarily no match for the United States, the “One China Policy” on their terms was not something America needed to agree to. This single prerequisite gave us the nebulous relationship we now have with Taiwan and has been the root cause of the most contentious problems we have with China. Whether Jimmy Carter was played by the Chinese Communist Party or not is up to future historians to decipher but there is no doubt America turning her back on Taiwan in 1979 as a legitimate option for a free state of Chinese people to instead recognize Communist China, a tyranny with an abysmal human rights record, as the sole legitimate government for all of China was a mistake in foreign policy of incalculable proportions. For it is this error that has painted us into a corner with the potential now of triggering a Third World War. Given all that has transpired and with so much at stake, we must all pray that our leadership (current and future) shall be guided by wisdom in defending freedom and to maintain world peace. President Reagan had projected his doctrine of “peace through strength” and we had succeeded in ending the Cold War freeing millions and putting the world on a much more positive path towards world peace. Perhaps that remains a model for us but we must put our faith in the Almighty so God willing America’s history of keeping despotic aggressors at bay continues with His Blessing.

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Media Attacks Trump legacy ahead of 2024

2024 campaign has begun: Democrats and the Media rewriting history and attacking Trump’s legacy

Whether you believe the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump or not, you might at least take solace in the knowledge that the President’s remarkable legacy of successes with his America First Agenda are unimpeachable, or so any reasonable person might think. In a recent conversation with a friend regarding our mutual concerns over the worrisome state of the economy and the crisis ridden state of our nation, we invariably began drawing a comparison between the conditions during President Trump as compared to the current disaster we find ourselves in today under the Biden administration. Shockingly, my friend said emphatically, “Sure we had a couple of good years with Trump but the economy was already coming back because of the efforts of the Obama administration. Trump merely rode the coattails of the ‘Obama recovery’ but he left the economy in shambles for Joe Biden!” If a photo had been taken of my face at that moment, it would have shown my lower jaw dropping to the curb with incredulity and utter disbelief. All I could think of was,  “What in the world is he talking about? He must have been ingesting some seriously Woke-spiked Kool-Aid!”

Before President Trump took office, the U.S. GDP was an anemic 1-1.5%, it doubled in the first 6 quarters of his presidency. For eight years, Obama put the heavy boot of the federal government on the carotid arteries of American Business which Trump promptly lifted upon taking office. That freed the private sector of the deadly “productivity killing shackles” which held back American Business. This brought manufacturing back into the United States in droves with investments then pouring in from all over the world. Trump’s America First policy stopped the NAFTA debacle favoring the fairer and more productive bi-lateral trade deals. This enabled Domestic manufacturers to switch gears and expand their U.S. operations as well as building new production capacity further accelerating job growth and contributing dramatically to the wellbeing and vibrancy of the once devastated communities across the country under NAFTA. America went to full employment for the first time since WWII under Trump with the highest % employed across all ethnic minority and demographic groups.

Keeping with his campaign pledge, Trump supported our brave men and women of the U.S. Border Patrol, was building the wall to secure our border and stopping illicit drug smuggling and human trafficking. Crimes in our cities were down, our Police were respected and were effective in their jobs. America’s military got a much-needed boost because Obama had stripped it down to dangerously low levels of unpreparedness. Inflation was under control, gas was hovering around two Dollars, industries and small businesses were thriving, the mood of the country was positive (despite Leftwing insurgency and anarchism like BLM and Antifa violence, riots, looting and ransacking cities plus exploiting every excuse to tear down our historical monuments in their continued assault on America’s heritage).

Under President Trump, America became 100% energy independent for the first time in our history, because he took away Obama’s restrictions, draconian regulations, bans on drilling and exploration. He supported pipelines and refineries which contributed to lowering oil prices and our energy independence. America became for the first time ever, an exporter of energy under President Trump. The oil and gas industry boom added tens of thousands of jobs including growing thriving communities throughout the Midwest, Ohio, North Dakota, Texas and places where natural gas is plentiful.

Internationally, America regained respect with President Trump after Obama’s eight-year long apology tour. Plus, the most dangerous and misguided foreign policy deal Obama had pushed, the Iran Nuclear Treaty, which would provide Iran a pathway to become a nuclear power was stopped by President Trump (sadly now being reinstated by Biden). Jerusalem is the proper city where the U.S. embassy belongs as was promised by multiple U.S. presidents but was never delivered until President Trump. Vladimir Putin was kept in check because American energy exports and Trump’s foreign policy made it impossible for him to finance his invasion of Ukraine, but Biden’s war on American energy immediately upon taking office gave Putin the green light and enabled the Russian-Ukraine war. Our military was executing a plan under Trump to get out of Afghanistan that would not have left $85 billion of hi-tech US weaponry for the Taliban, but when Biden killed that plan to implement his own the result was a humiliating retreat for the history books which made a mockery of the United States.

On Trump’s watch, Communist China was getting real and necessary pushback for the first time in decades, but now the weakest person ever to occupy the White House is selling America out just as Obama had done leaving our nation vulnerable to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ambitions that do not have America’s best interest at heart. I am saying this as a Chinese American who understands the gravity of this existential threat to America having worked in China and have had a decades long business partnership there. President Trump understood the threat of the CCP, sadly it is evident Biden and the Democrats do not. Sure, the Pandemic did enormous damage to our nation, but you must ask yourselves, who helped fund the China Wuhan Lab that enabled this unthinkable atrocity? It wasn’t President Trump. The shocking answer: Fauci under President Obama.

My misguided friend had quipped quite correctly that it’s difficult to decipher the “truth” these days with all the Fakenews and untrustworthy pundits out there. I certainly agree with that. So, on this idea of “discrediting Trump regarding his achievements in creating America’s miraculous boom economy during his tenure,” there appears to be a coordinated media campaign attacking President Trump well in advance of the 2024 elections. In fact, there currently exists an unprecedented number of articles and media stories all attempting to discredit Trump right now even when Biden, the sitting president, isn’t receiving anywhere near the same type of obsessive scrutiny as to what he’s doing to fix everything that has gone so terribly wrong on his watch.

So why is the media so obsessively focused on attacking the former President now when there are clearly so many critically important issues that currently affect the daily lives of every American? The obvious answer is because the Democrat and the Woke Left are determined to destroy Trump’s chances of a 2024 comeback even in advance of the midterms. Call me a cynic, but if you have not been paying attention, that’s what’s going on folks! It is reprehensible enough that we are not getting the necessary scrutiny of the current president’s accountability for the disastrous conditions in America today, instead the Democrats and the media are working overtime to create a completely distorted and fraudulent narrative of Trump’s legacy (ad nauseum) to tarnish his reputation in advance of the midterms. Could this be because they themselves have absolutely no positive message or accomplishments to gloat about under the current Woke-Democrat regime in charge which continues to leave devastation in its wake?

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True wisdom is in exceedingly rare supply these days, but I recall reading an article in the Wall Street Journal published in 2012 which delivered a dose of this rarified wisdom. Recounting the words of a longtime professor of political science at Harvard University – Harvey Mansfield, Journalist Sohrab Ahmari interviewed Professor Mansfield, considered a “pet dissenter” by his colleagues at Harvard, who spoke about his personal journey towards conservatism throughout his five-decade long tenure at Harvard even as the institution veered off to the extreme left of the political spectrum.

We live in a turbulent and corrupt world today with too many people in positions of power believing they are entitled to impose their will over the rest of us because they feel more enlightened and thus more entitled. This is precisely what our founding fathers fought a revolution against. America’s founding was the Framers’ legacy and a gift to us proclaiming that all men are indeed created equal. God granted all of us the right to live our lives according to our individual choices free from the imposition of others against our will, in other words, free from tyranny.

Most tragically today we have those who leverage big-government, big-media and big-tech to impose their will upon those with whom they disagree, and with their political power and clout continually chip away at your freedoms, often in seemingly small morsels, until you realize the cumulative totality of their demands against you eventually result in your loss of freedom. We’re at a breaking point in America where virtually every basic freedom is under assault by Woke Democrat’s in government and their partners in big-media and big-tech. They forcibly impose Wokism in virtually every aspect of our lives. They attack our Christian faith, our family values, our proud national heritage, our individualism, love of country, rule of law, our right to self-defense and even our right for independent thought. And they will crucify anyone who dares speak out against their poisonous ideas and social bullying tactics in the public square.

Make no mistake, “Wokism” is Marxist and is a foreign invasion. Just as with the Wuhan-Virus pandemic, we are experiencing an assault on the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights because of this “virus” called “Wokism.” This Democrat lead movement attempts to “fundamentally transform” America into a nation of tribal groups segregated and divided from one another but ruled by their Woke-Democrat Big Government masters. They impose their collectivist poison propagandized as a doctrine “for the greater good,” and in order for it to succeed, free independent thought and your individual right to keep and bear arms must be eliminated. In fact, the chaos we are experiencing everyday in America under Biden’s incompetent administration is symptomatic of the Woke poison coursing through the veins of America’s body politic.

Professor Mansfield gives us hope, however, reminding us of the power of “human ambition.” Perhaps, as he points out, this human trait is the best news of all. He’s right of course when he suggests that no one works hard and assumes a mountain of debt to go to college due to a lack of ambition. Ambition is part of the human condition that makes us do great things. As insidious as Progressivism and Wokism is in destroying ambition, it cannot succeed in the long term, according to the professor. That’s because Human beings will not accept suppression of their wants and desires forever. They will ultimately find a way to overcome the forces of “collective mediocrity.”

As conservatives, we want everyone to succeed. We want you to be “rich,” if that is what you desire. We want you to have the opportunity to “pursue happiness” and define for yourself what the American Dream means to you. Above all we want you to pursue your individual ambitions. Just as our forefathers had envisioned, we want you to be “free to do so on your own terms.” We must be confident that our principles are completely in line with the human agenda one that is naturally filled with individual ambition. We must recognize that the ability to pursue one’s ambition provides hope, the absence of which produces hopelessness and despair.

The Progressive Democrats cannot offer you a future filled with hope because their entire agenda suppresses individual dreams and aspirations. We must contrast our message of promoting individual ambition against the Woke Democrat’s scheme of denying you of individual hopes and dreams. Professor Mansfield reminds us that we must renew our commitment to empowering the individual because, just as our Founders believed, that is the winning formula for freedom. For it is only in the realization of individual human ambition can there ever be real hope for a bright tomorrow and an America restored to liberty and prosperity.

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U.S. must defend Taiwan against Communists

December 16, 2021 (Previously published in The County Compass, Eastern North Carolina)

As Americans relax after leftover dinners from Thanksgiving to cheer for their favorite football teams, our friends on the island state of Taiwan were forced to scramble jet fighters to fend off warplanes from Communist China as reported by Fox News.

Ever since the Biden administration entered the White House the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ramped up its aggression against its neighbors in Asia and the Indo Pacific Region. Biden’s Afghanistan debacle signaled to the world a weak American leadership emboldening the CCP to increase their belligerence towards Japan, South Korea, and in Southeast Asia. They violated their treaty with Great Britain toughening restrictions on freedoms in Hong Kong and now openly threaten Taiwan, the island state they claim is a rogue province belonging to them.

For seventy two years the United States has been a strong ally and supporter of Taiwan’s right to be free and independent of communist rule. Despite the formal diplomatic recognition of Communist China in 1979, we defended our friend who shares our American values and we led the world in the defense of human rights, democratic self-governance, and free market systems. But under recent Democratic Administrations, commitments to those principles have waned as America has gotten closer with the CCP diplomatically and economically.

Perhaps the Wuhan Virus Pandemic is a wakeup call that our dependency on the Communist Chinese has put America in a most precarious position unable to supply our own nation with basic necessities without relying heavily on a critical Chinese supply chain, one which a potentially hostile regime has the ability to hold hostage and extort demands to our detriment.

Why is it important for the United States to support Taiwan as a free and independently governed state? To answer that question, one must first consider the historical context of how modern China became a totalitarian Communist state and why Taiwan remains a free democratic republic independently governed by the island’s own duly elected government.

Chinese Communism was actually the product of a foreign invasion of China and not of a home-grown grassroots movement. In fact, it was the direct result of covert activities orchestrated by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks that began as early as 1918. Right on the heels of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin founded the Communist International or the Comintern a spy agency with a mandate of exporting Communist Revolution worldwide. It was through this agency an army of spies were sent to China to infiltrate, recruit, propagandize and create a Communist insurgency that would ultimately take over China but be subservient to Soviet Russia. Although the Soviet Union eventually collapsed, the CCP remains in power well past their founders’ demise and has now occupied China for seventy two years.

Despite the CCP occupation, Communism/Marxism remain antithetical to Chinese traditions and values. The Communists, however, remain steadfast in their attempt to erase all remaining vestiges of China’s centuries of traditions, culture, religion, and values even today. What continues to be done to the Chinese people remains among the greatest crimes against humanity ever perpetrated on an entire nation in world history. The CCP’s numerous crimes to date have gone unpunished. No justice has been forthcoming as the CCP regime remains in control now entering its third dynasty, one which appears to be reverting to the ways of Mao Zedong, the supreme leader of the first dynasty of hardliners.  It is clear, the CCP today under Xi Jinping shares Mao’s ambitions of global domination. The second dynasty, the moderate era under Deng Xiaoping et al, was when China opened to the West for its desperately needed economic reform. However, decades of predictions by western pundits’ of a moderating CCP that would eventually embrace the ways of the rest of the free world with ever increasing western engagement never materialized.

The significance of the current CCP regime reverting to the ways of Mao Zedong cannot be overstated. Under Mao Zedong’s reign of terror, it has been estimated between 60 to 80 million citizens were massacred. Let that sink in for a moment: that’s as many human beings murdered as voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election! And although the media will not dwell on news that do not favor the CCP, unspeakable human rights abuses continue today under the current regime unabated.

In harsh contrast to the Communist Revolution of 1949, the original Chinese revolution of 1911 was born of home-grown grassroots citizen coalitions rebelling against imperial tyranny and defeating China’s last feudal dynasty, the Manchus (Qing Dynasty). The people founded the Republic of China a democratic republic and established a Nationalist government based on three principles: “nationalism, democracy and the betterment of peoples’ livelihood.” This has been described as mirroring America’s own “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” For three decades the Nationalists toiled to unite, rebuild, and modernize China. They did this amid an invasion by Imperial Japan, through WWII and fighting a civil war with Communists backed by the Soviet Union.

Eventually the Nationalists were forced to take refuge in Taiwan where they continued their original mission. The result today is a free island state that is an economic miracle, a model of a free and prosperous society and an inspiration for Asia and the Pacific region. Naturally, free Taiwan has been a strategic ally to the United States for seventy two years because of shared values, shared national security interests and shared friendships. But now, Taiwan is being threatened by the CCP as America’s commitment appears to wane while the CCP’s ambitions are reverting to global domination, a tenet of the original Bolshevik and Leninist vision of worldwide Communist domination. That leads us to the question, “why must the United States support Taiwan and defend its right to exist as a democratic republic free from the Chinese Communist tyranny?”

Since taking office, the Biden administration has shown great reluctance to push back against the CCP even in the wake of the Wuhan Virus Pandemic that devastated so many Americans and those around the world. Despite recent rhetoric from the White House assuring Taiwan the United States will remain supportive, there has been a lack of any substantive actions or even strong condemnations against the CCP’s most recent post-Thanksgiving aggression against Taiwan. It is clear America must wean off its dependence on Communist China. Particularly considering China’s apparent backwards march towards a hardline posture moving even further away from America’s values, our commitment to a stable free world in which nations defend human rights, practice fair global trade, honor intellectual property rights, and respect one another’s sovereignty. But is the current administration up to the task? If the disaster in Afghanistan and the lack of action to secure our own southern borders are any indication, it is far from reassuring.

Supporting Taiwan is a must, however, because it remains a critical strategic ally to the United States in the Asian Pacific Region. Should the CCP invade Taiwan, it’s not only an existential threat to the island state, it would also be a serious threat to America’s own vital interests in the region including our national security.

The benefits of supporting Taiwan are many. Defending a model example of a free democratic society such as Taiwan is what freedom loving Americans will overwhelmingly support because it is the right thing to do. Plus, by doing so, we defend America’s own vital security interests. Furthermore, ramping up our trade relations with Taiwan will help us wean off our dangerous dependence on China too. America will do well in developing a more robust bi-lateral relationship with Taiwan. They are one of the world’s major producers of computer chips, healthcare and agricultural technologies including numerous other categories.

America has always been the leader of the free world and our friends have always counted on us to have their backs. The America we love has always stood by her principles, rallied its allies, built united coalitions to defend the peace and stability around the world. We must not abdicate that responsibility, because without a strong America there will not be a free and peaceful world. We should not only support free Taiwan, the rest of the free world depends on American leadership too. Therefore, as concerned Americans call your representatives. Take our leaders to task and tell them we will not accept a weakened America, one that would stand by and watch our friends lose their right to live free from coercion and tyranny by oppressors like the CCP. Let’s show the world America is strong and we still stand for freedom and justice! LET’S GO AMERICA!

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What you need to know about your EV future

Electric Transportation – Our Future?

Part 1: Gas-n-Go vs. recharging my EV

Those considering buying an electric vehicle (EV) should do some serious research, perhaps even some soul searching. For example, did you know that driving your new EV to grandma’s for Thanksgiving may require more intense trip planning and more travel time than you’re used to? That’s because after buying into what you’ve been told is the “future of transportation,” you now need to factor in usable range and battery recharging times into your travel plans. Your new electric wheels will subject you to a level of trip-planning strategery you’ve not had to be concerned with until now. Politicians promise to build a more extensive EV charging infrastructure (paid with your tax dollars), but how soon until the lines at charging stations become an intolerable nuisance like being on long lines at the pump during Jimmy Carter’s Gas Crisis? It certainly seems the whole world is told to jump onboard the EV band wagon, however, keep in mind recharging EVs takes a lot longer than pumping gas. Nevertheless, going electric means you’ve now joined the exclusive club of “socially responsible e-motorists” but who pays for the privilege by living with an affliction known as “Range Anxiety.” True, the onboard e-smarts helps you plan trips better than the ole’ Rand McNally, but on those extended road trips you had better pack a few more pairs of underwear for those extra nights waiting to top off your battery!

A typical public charging station is a “Level 2” charger. It’s better than the basic “Level 1” that comes with the initial EV purchase and plugs into a standard outlet at 110 or 120 volts but which could take more than 48 hours to charge an EV with a 200-mile range. A Level 2 charger, rated at 240 volts at 40 amps, is considerably better but still requires overnight charging to replenish a depleted battery, typically between 9 to 15 hours. Recharging times for entry level EVs can be 3 hours with an average 80-mile range, so on a Level 2 Charger, a full charge takes approximately 3 hours. A Level 2 charger requires one hour to produce 22 to 25 miles of range. It’s important to note that range calculations and recharging times may vary wildly depending on a host of other factors like traffic, weather, temperature, terrain, driving styles, full or partial loads, etc., because each of these elements may put a whole new wrinkle in calculating your range estimates. Suffice it to say, you’ll need to be on your toes and do the math to make it home without getting stranded.

With upscale luxury EVs, that range can be more than 200 miles like the new Audi e-Tron GT. With more battery range comes more charging time, for example, the charging time for a depleted battery with a 200-mile range is 9 hours. The higher capacity luxury EVs like the Tesla Model S with a 405-mile range will take 16 hours on a Level 2. The new Lucid Air which claims a range of 520 miles will require more than 20 hours of charging time when its battery is depleted. Those are significantly long recharging times unless of course, you use the Level 3 “Super Charging Stations.” These chargers are commercial grade, too costly for most private homes and much more expensive to run so they are mostly provided by dealerships or institutions for their EV fleets. These chargers are capable of topping off a standard EV battery in one hour, but did you know they actually shorten the useful life of your battery? That’s because the rate at which the Super Charger “forces” the juice into your lithium-ion battery cells overheats them and accelerates deterioration thus shortening its useful life. A typical EV battery has an average life expectancy of 7 to 9 years, but frequent Super Charger use can significantly shorten that life. Something to consider particularly when replacement batteries are very expensive with entry level replacements running north of $5,000 to $7,000 while luxury EV batteries may cost $10,000 to $13,000 or more. Higher end models like the Tesla Model S could even run between $20,000 to $35,000. The greater the range the more kilowatt hour (KWH) capacity is required but the greater the cost. Currently, the cost per KWH is averaging $150. Shopping for a used EV? Beware of the remaining life of the battery for replacing one in a used EV you thought was a bargain may turn out to be quite a costly disappointment. The temptation is to search for cheap aftermarket replacement batteries, but word to the wise, you may be quite literally taking your life in your own hands when you risk non-factory spec sub-standard batteries that may be unreliable or even defective making them dangerous. More on battery fires later.

Part 2: EV myths and the human cost

Did anyone tell you that should you be contemplating buying an EV that, NO, you’re not saving the planet any more or less than if you continued to drive that gasoline car. In fact, you will continue to have a role in carbon production while driving electric. That’s because EV charging stations are plugged into the power grid (off the grid chargers are powered by diesel generators). Nationally, less than 3% of all power consumed in America comes from wind and solar combined. And yes, our electric power grid… drum roll…is still overwhelmingly powered by fossil fuels. So, the more government imposes the so called “zero emissions” ruse, the more our power grid will become overstretched and overtaxed (in more ways than one) driving up the cost of electric production for everything elsel we power all the while still contributing to carbon emissions although not coming from your tailpipes are still going into the atmosphere, nevertheless.

Furthermore, if one is contemplating embracing the EV mode of transportation, you need to know the “human costs” in its production supply chain. Did you know for example, most of the cobalt, a critical raw material in EV manufacturing, comes from mining in Africa? In fact, 60% of the world’s cobalt supply comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo where much of the mining is done with child labor working in extremely harsh and dangerous conditions not to mention the harmful environmental impact mining cobalt imposes on the communities in which they live. Also, did you know that Russia is among the top five largest global suppliers of nickel? It’s another critical raw material for the production of EVs. Given the horrific war in Ukraine and the resulting war crimes, you may draw your own conclusions as to the morality and/or the wisdom of enriching Putin in buying nickel from Russia. The mining of lithium, another necessary raw material to produce lithium-ion batteries is also controversial. You don’t hear much about it because most of it comes out of South America and Australia. However, the industry has plans to mine lithium in Nevada to create a domestic source. This is drawing fire, ironically from environmentalists, the very people pushing for our electrified transportation future. The truth is mining for lithium is harmful to the region as it may contaminate the groundwater among other environmental hazards. This is particularly rich when you consider the greatest champion of our EV future, the Biden administration, lectures us on the evils of fracking for natural gas yet they’re perfectly fine with mining for lithium and cobalt because of the EV supply chain which they condone. By-the-way did I mention the tremendous use of fossil fuel energy both in mining and the manufacturing of EVs too? Can you say, “hypocrisy?” Then there’s the issue of the disposal of spent EV batteries, a hazardous waste, and recycling isn’t a real option because it is not economically viable. And even once repurposed can only be used in a much-diminished capacity and no longer usable for electric cars. There is currently no real viable market and disposal remains a serious problem.

A main challenge in the design of the EV battery is to isolate them from the risk of damage from the elements like weather, road debris, etc. while thermodynamically allowing them to “breath” and to cool properly so they function reliably and not catch fire. Current designs use a synthetic material called polytetrafluoroethylene or “ePTFE,” a cousin of a material originally developed by Dupont to coat cooking ware, Teflon. Batteries are enclosed in a critically designed ePTFE wrap which keeps the elements out while allowing batteries to cool and vent. Occasionally, the batteries overheat, however, and the rising temperature spirals out of control resulting in a dangerous condition called “thermal runaway” igniting a fire that is difficult to suppress by common firefighting techniques. Fighting batteries still with a residual high voltage charge is another dangerous hazard for those fighting these fires. A lithium-ion battery fire can also unexpectedly reignite creating unusual challenges in addition. In rare situations the thermal runaway event may even cause an explosion when there are trapped gases. NTSB has been monitoring numerous incidents across the country of fires due to EV batteries and provides guidance on EV battery fire mitigation (Google: “NTSB on EV fires”).

Part 3: Thermal Runaway

Thermal runaway is a dangerous condition unique to lithium-ion batteries overheating that often ends up in a catastrophic fire. “Battery fires, what consumers should know,” a Forbes article published September 16, 2021, revealed that while the EV manufacturers’ claims of limited inventory were due to chip shortages and supply chain problems, GM actually recalled more than 140,000 Chevy Bolts due to the risk of battery fires. They’re not alone, Hyundai recalled 90,000 vehicles earlier and Ford took back 20,000 of their electric plug-in hybrids in Europe because they could overheat and catch fire. Tesla, the EV leader is not immune and have likewise been linked to catastrophic battery fires. Fires caused by overheating lithium-ion batteries are not new, on October 15, 2016, the FAA banned the use and transportation of Samsung’s popular Galaxy Note 7 phones on all flights due to numerous incidents of spontaneous combustion. And then there is the more recent catastrophic event involving the sinking of the Panama registered Falicty Ace, a 60,000 ton cargo ship transporting 4,000 luxury cars including a large number of electric vehicles across the Atlantic. It caught fire and sank off the coast of Portugal. The salvage company tasked with rescue and recovery failed to save the ship and her cargo reported that while it is inconclusive if the EV inventory was the root cause of the fire, they cited the extreme difficulties in battling the unusually intense fire from the burning lithium-ion batteries as the reason for the loss. While these failures are rare, they do suggest that the lithium-ion battery technology while ubiquitous does present a real and serious dangers to the public. It’s one thing when a cellphone battery has a thermal runaway event. It’s quite another if you and your family are sitting on top of a thousand-pound lithium-ion battery when traveling down the highway. Sure, a thermal runaway episode is a small risk, but should you take that chance? We shut the country down due to the risks of a virus that had a 99% survival rate, so how much risk is too much risk?

There’s no question that with time and with enough resources most of these problems with the current state of the electric car industry will be resolved. For example, the industry is currently working on alternative EV battery designs that look promising such as aluminum-ion which has yet to be successfully commercialized. But it’s simply foolish not to question the wisdom of forcing the entire world to go electric with transportation when it is clear the contemporary fossil fuel solutions that evolved over many decades including the existing fueling station infrastructure offer demonstrably superior solutions in transportation compared to where the electric car is at the present time. It is inexplicable why so many continually push the EV future as the sole solution, indeed in some cases mandating its adoption when it’s clear more work is necessary to overcome the serious issues that plague the EV industry. The inconveniences of long charging times cannot compare to traditional gas-and-go cars. The claims of less maintenance because of the simplicity of the electric power plant is grossly off set by the high cost of battery replacement and disposal. Plus one must not turn a blind eye against the human costs of the EV supply chain for there is real human suffering behind bringing us these EVs. And then there’s the Thermal Runaway hazard which is very real albeit rare but is simply too glaring a problem to ignore. The pro-EV climate is particularly egregious as we’re being subjected to overwhelming social pressures driven by powerful political alliances between Big Government, Big Tech, and Big Media. EV adoption is rewarded while gas powered loyalists are punished in an effort to force society to abandon its petroleum past in favor of an all-electric future ostensibly to save the planet from the alleged deleterious effects of fossil fuels. However, considering all the facts, the EV future they want us to embrace simply isn’t quite ready for prime time.

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Language matters in our fight to save America

Language Matters in our Fight to Save America


I listened to a radio talk show program recently where the guest spoke about the controversial issue called “Critical Race Theory.” For the record, this theory based in Marxist ideology developed by the Left’s Woke Cancel Culture movement is the latest assault on our nation designed to eviscerate our traditional American values and to remake our nation into an affirmative-action socialist utopia. Although the speaker was explaining how antithetical this idea is to our schools and our institutions, she presented her case in a way that failed to hit the mark. Instead, the way she talked about it actually in some ways helped this hideous concept.

She began by introducing the topic as a discussion on “Critical Race Theory,” but then in subsequent dialog simply referred to it as “CRT.” If you tuned in halfway through the program, you might even have thought she was talking about the “cathode ray tube!” But the bigger point is by her defaulting to an acronym she inadvertently gave this controversial idea cover while simultaneously inferring a suggestion of its academic credibility. By hiding the actual name of this theory behind an innocuous acronym she masked what by any measure is an overtly racist and insidious tool of mass indoctrination. That’s why it is so controversial, evidenced by the heavy pushback across the country by parent against school systems that are teaching this tripe.

We’re routinely exposed to and surrounded by acronyms in everything such as: ABC, CBS, NBC, RA, NRA, DOJ, AC, DC, SCOTUS, POTUS, PC, PT, COPD, NYPD, PMR, PMS, AA, AAA, FYI, RSVP, ETA, CTA and now we’ve got “CRT.” If you’ve ever wanted to hide something highly controversial in plain sight, can you think of a better way to do it? It is like hiding a poisonous apple in a bushel of apples. Is that not the perfect way to disguise a controversial idea so it is indistinguishable from all the legitimate ones?

The talk show guest is not alone in her use of the CRT acronym although in her case it was not her intention to defend Critical Race Theory. On the other hand, we now routinely hear the term CRT being used on news broadcasts, so one has to wonder if news anchors who use CRT were duped into giving Critical Race Theory cover or are they willing accomplices in the effort to make CRT be accepted by mainstream America.

There exists many sophisticated forms of deception by the Left in advancing their socialist agenda making it challenging to decipher fact from fiction and good from evil. Especially when too many of us simply can’t trust what we’re told by the mainstream media. With the Left’s clever manipulation of language, it requires an extra dose of critical thinking to see with crystal clarity what is really behind the litany of controversial issues that seem to hit us every day. Words and nomenclature matter in language particularly how they are structured strategically and how they are deployed tactically. The Left is particularly adept at crafting their “weapon of words” and have advanced their agenda with success over the decades. To fight socialism and save America, I urge my fellow Americans to scrutinize everything you read or hear and never accept its premise verbatim because you will likely be horrified when you peeled back the layers to discover that the truth is almost never exactly what they appeared to be on the surface.

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Attacking our 2nd Amendment

WASHINGTON, DC – Joe Biden and the Democrat Party do not trust you to be good moral citizens. They don’t trust you with your Constitutional Liberties, including the one that grants you the right to keep and bear arms. The evidence is undeniable. Why else would they want to restrict your access to guns or to take them away altogether? Why else do they have 25,000 armed troops and razor wire fencing in Washington D.C.?

What they want is against the Constitution. The American Left has so corrupted our public discourse and dumbed-down our understanding of the justice system that they are quite literally passing illegitimate laws that infringe on your Constitutional Liberties. All under the guise of keeping you safe. Nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is more restrictive gun laws simply put the public at greater risk.

The inconvenient truth is gun laws only restrict those who obey them, not those who don’t. These laws, of which there are already more than 20,000 on the books, serve only to protect violent criminals – while you are left defenseless.

It has been estimated that more than 100 million Americans own firearms. The FBI tells us that gun-related crimes are committed overwhelmingly in high crime urban communities, which they call “Hot Spots.” These include New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Atlanta, and other cities, which already have the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, America averages between nine to eleven thousand firearm homicides each year. By contrast, up to two and a half million cases occur each year where lawfully armed citizens save lives and foil crimes often without firing a shot (according to research study: ‘Armed Resistance to Crime’ in the Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology by Gary Kleck & Marc Gertz, North Western University).

When you recognize the GARGANTUAN GAP between lives saved by armed citizens versus lives taken by criminals, the only conclusion is that the entire gun control movement is a cynical political ruse aimed at disarming the American citizenry. Besides the obvious flaws with gun laws aiding criminals, the even more insidious attack on our freedom is the systematic corruption of our judicial system.

In America, we are not supposed to pass “pre-emptive laws” that “presumes you might be guilty” before a crime was even committed. Those in authority continue to violate a key principle of American Jurisprudence, the “presumption of innocence.” It is the government’s duty to prove there has been wrongdoing based on actual evidence of an individual’s crime. The Constitution does not allow the government to pre-emptively ensnare the innocent. More egregious, many of today’s lawmakers think nothing of “criminalizing” an entire group of innocent citizens who have neither committed crimes, nor been remotely related to crimes committed by someone else.

Why do some believe it’s okay to infringe upon your rights as an individual even if you’ve done nothing wrong? I submit, this is because for decades the American Left has been propagating the notion that the ”right of individuals” are superseded by the “Rights of the Collective.” The evidence of their brazenness in pushing that narrative can be seen in the 2008 Supreme Court ruling against the District of Columbia in the landmark 2nd Amendment case D.C. v. Heller:

Majority Opinion, Operative Clause. a. “Right of the People.” The first salient feature of the operative clause is that it codifies a “right of the people.” The unamended Constitution and the Bill of Rights use the phrase “right of the people” two other times, in the First Amendment’s Assembly-and-Petition Clause and in the Fourth Amendment’s Search-and-Seizure Clause. The Ninth Amendment uses very similar terminology (“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people”). All three of these instances unambiguously refer to individual rights, not “collective” rights, or rights that may be exercised only through participation in some corporate body.”

As you see, the high court in 2008 thought it necessary to remind fellow jurists that the unambiguous rights of the individual are protected under our Constitution – codified and not “granted” by government. This should have been a giant red flag to us all. It illustrates how close the Left came to altering our justice system to one that no longer protects your individual liberty.

This fight against gun control isn’t only about defending the 2nd Amendment. It is far more than that. Our Constitutional rights (our very “birth right”) is under attack by those who aim to destroy our God-given rights as a free people. There is no doubt with Justice Scalia’s passing – and now the most recent Democrat push to pack our Supreme Court with four additional Left-wing jurists — we are facing a most egregious power grab. If successful, American jurisprudence will forever be changed to: “You’re presumed guilty by government until you can prove otherwise.”

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Where is America going?

I’m a registered Republican and an unabashed supporter of President Trump. As an American, I am free to choose my party affiliation and candidate. Under the United States Constitution, it is my sacred right as it is for any Democrat to support his or her candidate of choice. Indeed, historically we have always come together as Americans regardless of which side won the election. Casting the vote for one’s candidate of choice has always been a personal one, and as such we used to respect each other’s choices despite opposing political beliefs. I still do, but sadly that sentiment is no longer shared by everyone. Friends and family never used to feud over politics let alone allow it to destroy friendships or break apart families. Tragically, however, that is precisely where we have gone.

Trump coined the term “Fakenews” for which he has been maligned unrelentingly for his entire four years in Washington. But until you’ve been the direct recipient of “journalism malpractice,” you may still be skeptical as to whether his label for the national media is fair. I have now experienced this “Fakenews” firsthand. On January 6th in Washington D.C., along with a million or more fellow Americans (by my estimation), my wife and I went to our nation’s capitol to support our President. We were maliciously smeared by the very journalism malpractice for which President Trump had been the target during each and every day of his four years in office. The national media painted a bullseye on our backs and labelled us “rioters and anarchists.” This is the same national media which eagerly defended Leftwing anarchists like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa that rioted, looted, burned and terrorized cities across the nation in the summer of 2020. When with a city block ablaze as a backdrop, a CNN correspondent reported, “the protests were mostly peaceful…”

The truth regarding the January 6th rally is Trump supporters were not those who caused the violence inside the Capitol. In fact, we now know that Leftwing agitators were bussed in to infiltrate the rally as reported by multiple news sources including One America News and the Gateway Pundit. Some of these perpetrators have been identified as known Antifa and BLM operative dressed up to blend in with the pro-Trump rally. Yet, the only news one sees on national media is, “Capitol under siege, Trump rioters force D.C. lockdown.”

The massive crowd was a cross section of America: People came with their families, bringing their children and grandparents. Countless business professionals, students, teachers, small business owners, construction workers, union people, home makers, retirees, ex-law enforcement, veterans, and healthcare professionals made the trip. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Indian Americans, Native Americans; people from all races, ethnicity and walks of life were there. This crowd was quite literally a slice of America that went to D.C. to support President Trump. The mood was upbeat, festive and absolutely peaceful. Folks waved flags, they danced to music that was blaring over the loudspeakers. They listened to the lineup of Republican speakers leading up to the President’s address. They cheered and applauded the speeches which can only be characterized as pro-America, Pro-fair elections, Pro-rule of law, and Pro-America 1st. The President marveled at the size of the crowd, thanked them for their support and concluded his address by saying, “stay strong, America… we will continue to make America great and the best is yet to come!” Yet, somehow, the national media twisted his words to falsely report that the President was calling for “insurrection.” It’s a bald face lie! He did nothing of the sort. I was there.

It is clear, however, the smear achieved its intended objective as it gave the Democrats and Trump haters the excuse they needed to once and for all destroy President Trump. Four long years of smear campaigns including conspiracy fraud perpetrated to oust a duly elected President was still not enough for Democrats, with 13 days remaining in Trump’s presidency, they had to concoct an excuse such as this malevolent lie at the eleventh hour to invoke the 25th Amendment!

With all that we have endured for four long years as Republicans and Trump supporters: the slander, the baseless accusations, the smear campaigns, the outright hatred and vitriol, are we now to believe that Biden and the Democrats are sincere about their call to unity? Is this how you unite the country you have done so much to divide? By falsely accusing Trump Supporters for this crime inside our Capitol and to figuratively “assassinate” our President by smearing him with these lies, are we now to believe you are sincere about all of us coming together in unity?

On a personal level, we lost friends over the media’s false and malicious portrayal of the D.C. Rally. We enjoyed being there amongst fellow Americans from all walks of life and from all over the country in what was much more of a celebratory event than a “protest.” We met folks from: California, Hawaii, Colorado, Washington state, Oregon, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Texas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, etc. When we left the rally I posted pictures on my Facebook page to share with those who couldn’t make the trip. That was before we knew there was any trouble inside the Capitol. Then to my dismay, we lost friends because of my post. I was shocked one friend commented: “sad that you are part of this disgraceful exhibition of treason at the Capitol.” Indeed I am sad to see what Fakenews has done to us on such a personal level. This should never happen and it certainly was never like this in the America that I love.

So, what’s the Democrat’s endgame? For years too many have been conditioned to believe Republicans are Evil. They have been led to believe those who vote Republican are morally bankrupt and hate worthy. You don’t have to go back very far to see the numerous examples of where the Democrat political machine including their partners in national media and social media routinely slander Republicans. The years of constant anti-Republican propaganda served to continually fan the flame of hatred and vitriol. Remember the protests against President Bush with rioters burning effigies of his likeness? Remember Code Pink protesting in the Senate chambers with some dragged out for screaming obscenities at Republican Senators? Remember Democrat campaign ads of a Paul Ryan lookalike pushing granny off a cliff in a wheelchair? Our political discourse has not been civil for a long time and through Trump’s tenure it has now escalated to an unprecedented level of hatred and vitriol that dwarfs even the vicious anti-Republican propaganda of years past.

So is it any wonder my Democrat friends believe we are traitors for participating in what they have been told by the national media is “sedition?” It is clear to me the Democrats aren’t satisfied until they have completely destroyed their political opposition until America is under permanent Democrat control. Now that they have control of the White House and Congress, is the endgame “One Party Rule” for America? Draw what conclusions you will, for there exist too many terrifying historical examples of what happens to nations when the concentration of absolute power is held in the hands of a single political party. I pray that despite the terrible place we find ourselves today politically that America shall remain strong as a nation, and free as a people. I pray that our leaders who hold positions of authority and influence both in the public and private sectors regardless of your political affiliation shall have the wisdom to genuinely work towards healing this toxic divide between us. I pray that regardless of our political differences that we shall all work hard towards healing as a people, unity as a nation and to keep all of America great.

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