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Real Solutions for America Require New Leadership

Some suggest that America cannot compete with China or India unless we reduce our standards to combat cheaper labor off shore. Indeed that has become the basis of a political talking point for those attacking US corporations conducting business overseas. Those aligned with labor unions use this as a rhetorical weapon against the private sector and perpetuate a narrative that is both inaccurate and void of realistic solutions. They accuse pro-business legislators of supporting corporations and therefore they support killing American jobs.

Clearly, no one wants to see America lose manufacturing jobs, but the presumption that the only way we can compete with China is to lower our own standards is a false premise entirely. This unfortunate conventional wisdom is a result of much propaganda designed to undermine US business and its ability to succeed against global competitors and those who support the free market.

The idea we need to lower labor cost so we can level the playing field with China is both unrealistic and fool hearty. It assumes that cheaper labor will make us more competitive and presumably solves our problems. That, however, is absolutely the wrong way to look at this complex and multi facetted problem. Politicians are for the most part either ignorant of real solutions or they simply pander to an uninformed populous voting block.

The fact is America has always led in just about every category in commerce and there are very good reasons why that is so. We drive global lifestyles trends. We lead in invention and technological advancements. We lead the world in the development of new markets creating paradigms that alter consumer behaviors in way that improve peoples’ lives.

The press and some politicians, however, have deliberately mischaracterized and vilified US corporations for years. They say corporations are greedy and want cheap labor for bigger profit so they send jobs to China. But why do they not tout our accomplishments, nurture our strengths and inspire honest dialog to drive towards real solutions? Alas, it is political “silly season” so perhaps that’s why, but if we don’t replace our current failed political leadership we will continue to lose ground at an even more alarming pace.

The truth is many US companies simply cannot afford to manufacture domestically anymore because their own government has declared war on them. We’re all aware of these barriers: EPA kills affordable US energy so domestic production costs are artificially high. Companies are burdened with the highest corporate tax rate. They are saddled with draconian job killing regulations and red tape. Their own government imposes prohibitive legal costs for basic operational and compliance requirements. And our failed public educational system produces a poor quality workforce rendering companies non-competitive, etc. etc.

Yet corporations are labeled greedy uncaring villains that deceive, steal and pillage while destroying careers in America. That grossly unfair characterization is not exactly incentive to those who have the means to invest here. Having had a career of 30 years in various consumer product industries, I can assure you that it is virtually impossible for many industries to manufacture in America, sustain company growth and compete in the global marketplace under the current anti-business political climate.

The misinformation from the press and dishonest politicians don’t stop there. They also perpetuate an entirely false characterization of American branded products manufactured overseas. When US companies cannot afford to set up a plant in the US they go off shore to hire manufacturing vendors. These companies are simply buying a service. US based corporations that compete globally necessarily shop for the optimum suppliers to allow their businesses to succeed. Clearly, other nations are doing a better job supporting these businesses.

Good vendor support ensures a company’s sustained growth and its ability to compete world wide. Even though US companies may use overseas production services this greatly benefits America and US consumers. Here’s why: typically with popular consumer goods only 10-15% of the price of the product is paid to the Chinese factory while the US company keeps 85-90%. So even though the label may say Made in China (a Fed requirement which is not entirely accurate) the product is an America brand in most cases.

The sale of these products around the world contribute to the US GDP, the US tax base, the corporation’s customers (domestic retail stores), their share holders (US pension and retirement plans), the enhancement of the purchasing power of US consumers, as well as to the creation of domestic jobs in various commercial and retail sectors.

If America can be more competitive in providing these corporations with the necessary supply chain and infrastruture support that allows them to succeed, the entire nation would be much better off and America will once again be a powerful pro-growth economic engine. This can only happen if our government gets out of the way and allow the private sector to innovate and do its thing.

Why are these facts not more widely told? Instead, all we hear from the main stream press is the “evil” corporations are killing US jobs! We need to set the record straight because America cannot afford not to have an honest discussion and to solve real problems. This rhetorical poison is simply the most damaging part of our corrupt public discourse that continually stops real solutions dead in their tracks. Politicians with an agenda that is antithetical to American free enterprise need to be defeated or else we will face purpetual economic decline or worse.

In order for America to develop the right solutions, we must first change the current leadership that continues to drive us down this perilous path. America must remain at the forefront of innovation and lead the world as we have always done. That turn around will not happen under the current conventional thinking. Perpetuating class warfare and anti-business narrative is counter-productive and profoundly destrutive.

If private industry and government remain adversaries, this will subordinate America to follow and be reactive to our global competitors. This will not only weaken us further it will guarantee a trajectory of decline from which America may never recover. The right solutions for America have always manifested when we lead and the world is always a better place as a result. A people able to pursue its self interest free from government force is always the winning formula as America’s history attests. Those who dispute this deny the truth and will force us to repeat the same policies that caused the devastating consequences of the social and economic collapse we are witnessing in Europe. On November 6th, let’s turn this ship around and hire a new captain to help us steer clear of the iceberg infested waters we are currently navigating.


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Trying to Wake Up a Liberal Friend

I received a comment from an acquaintance on one of my posts:

“Dex – get a grip. You give the President waay too much credit (or blame) for things wrong in the economy. The Founding Fathers had great insight and fear of royalty, and, hence, severely restricted the powers of the President. Most of the US economy is driven by large corporations and trading/ negotiating at the international level – something the Administration can do little to improve or inhibit. Obama did what he could with what he inherited from the Bush admin, tried to shore up businesses after the major auto makers and banks collapsed, etc. Why ANYONE wants to be president is lost on me – a thankless job even in the best of times. If you think Romney will come in and suddenly “fix” things, well, I guess I am not drinking the same lemonade as you.

But I like you just the same and hope you are otherwise happy and healthy..!”
~ DK

To which I offered this response:

DK, if you choose to believe the deceptions from the left and refuse to see the truth, I can’t help you… but as long as you are bringing up our Founding Fathers, you might do a little more reading and get an education about how our system of government should really work.

The fact is this bozo-in-chief is well on his way to accomplishing what America’s enemies could not: weaken our military, destroy our sovereignty, collapse our economy, render us completely dependent on foreign energy (green crap is simply not ready for prime time go to DOE.Gov and get educated), and divide the nation hopelessly so Americans are at each other’s throats.

Since when do American presidents demonize one group in favor of another? Since when is it evil to be successful? If you are so naive as to believe a president is powerless to restore or destroy our $15 Trillion economy, you don’t know history. Reagan restored a damaged economy along with American pride after Carter nearly destroyed it. Déjà vu, today the Obama malaise is all around us… How? He has the power to shackle the private sector and he is sure doing a bang up job at accomplishing exactly that!

Obama’s government imposes impossible standards which devastate private industry, his draconion regulations kill jobs and bankrupt small businesses. His constant vilification of success and self-reliance stiffles and destroys the American entrepreneurial spirit, the engine of growth which build this great country. Then there is Obamacare, the greatest builder of centralized government and the destroyer of the private sector ever greased though Congress. This is by far the worst of bad laws passed in the most corrupt and deceiptful fashion in US history.

Separation of powers only works when all elected officials are faithful to their oath of office, that is, defending and preserving the US Constitution and not work to undermining it as the modern Democrat party and all of their Marxist special interest groups have been doing in the shadows. Ever read the history of “progressivism” in America? Well, they have hijacked the modern Democrat party and is hell bent on “fundamentally transforming” America into a collectivist, socialist and ultimately a Marxist utopia.

If you think Obamacare is about providing healthcare to those who can’t afford it, then I have swamp land in Florida to sell you! Obamacare was simply a massive government power grab masquerading as compassion. It blows a giant hole in our Constitution. This the most corrupt president in US history. He has side stepped his Constitutional role in more ways than any other (yes, much more so than Bush, and the blame-Bush-tactic is getting oh so very tired. Why not tell Obama to put his pants on and accept responsibility like a man! That’s what real leaders do.)

Obama’s EPA is destroying our manufacturing (trust me I know I spent 30 years in industry and ran two companies). His GM bailout was literally a criminal act. He illegally fired a CEO of a private sector company, bypassing their board of directors, bankrupted secured creditors who funded GM and confiscated the assets of GM’s franchisees many of which are private family businesses that helped build the GM brand over many generations… these were GM’s partners!

Obama did all this only to pay off his unsecured UAW union cronies. This kind of lawlessness should never happen in America, Soviet Union and Communist Cuba maybe, but NOT in the USA! Obama is destroying the coal industry and our domestic energy supply. His Dodd-Frank bill is destroying our financial industry and co-opting our banking industry. His budgets for the past 3 years yielded over One Trillion Dollars in deficits each and every. This while, Harry Reid, his partner in crime, refused to even pass a budget in the Senate for over 3 years even although he is mandated by law to do so!

Meanwhile Obama borrows 40 cents on every single Dollar the Federal Government spends. That debt is heaped on my son, his generation and future generations of Americans. Obama’s out of control spending legacy will guarantee that my son and his piers will have a much tougher life in America than prior generations. This for the very first time in US history where under our watch we will pass onto our future generations a weaker America burdened with the largest debt in human history. Yet this president and his party will not stop spending money we don’t have. They deflect from their reckless spending by demonizing those like Paul Ryan who want to stop this madness.

I can go on but I am tired… tired of the Obama lies and the fawning liberal media that carries his water. If we re-elect this clown, mark my words, the America you grew up in will be no more. They said it couldn’t happen in Germany, but the Socialist Party took control with the collapse of the German banking system and its economy. That gave rise to Hitler. Hey, never let a good crisis go to waste right (as Obama’s own chief of staff said in a candid moment)? Closer to home, Argintina, once the world’s second largest economy collapsed under Juan Peron’s corrupt socialist government and has yet to recover.

Do yourself a favor. Read history. I recomend The Road to Serfdom, The 5000 Year Leap, Liberty & Tyranny. And when you’re done with those I have many more books to suggest. Google Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky. Get yourself educated and I don’t mean watching the Obama channels: NBC, ABC, CBS alphabet soup or read the leftist propaganda in the NYT or the Boston Globe. Oh, and pray a lot that your candidate Obama will lose, for if he does not, tomorrow will see the end of America as we have know her.

Am I being harsh on you? Perhaps, but I love America damn it and I am mad as hell what our corrupt political leaders are doing to her!

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Which is More Deadly: Guns or Liberalism?

Reasonable Americans will agree that violence in our society must not be tolerated. Most will also acknowledge that poverty in America and violence have a close correlation that require comprehensive solutions. Where we differ, however, is in how to accomplish this.

Overwhelmingly violent crimes occur disproportionally more in urban America compared to the rest of the country. Unfortunately, the regularity with which we hear of shootings in high crime neighborhoods desensitizes the public to the point of apathy. While the use of firearms is prevalent in violent crimes, it is important to understand the underlying causes in order to implement the right fixes.

Liberals argue that more gun control is necessary to stop violent crimes. But would that really work? Is there any evidence gun laws reduce gun crimes? Or will more gun control simply render lawful citizens defenseless. Do we once again compromise Constitutional liberties and trounce on the rights of the many because of the crimes of the few?

The 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution grants every American the right to bear arms. This is a fundamental right and is foundational to our American liberty. Today, there are already numerous laws that restrict and control legal gun ownership. Yet despite these curtailments of freedom, gun crimes persist. In fact, roughly 12 thousand firearm homicides occur every year in America. So, do the gun laws actually work? Clearly they do not.

Studies show that armed criminals usually acquire guns through illegal means. In research sponsored by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), The Armed Criminal in America by James Wright, focused on 1,874 felons incarcerated for violent crimes. This comprehensive study was based on extensive interviews of subjects from prisons across the country. NIJ found that more than 80% acquired firearms through illegal means, from gangs, the black market or family members. It is estimated that there are approximately 300 million legally owned guns. Although 30 thousand deaths annually are attributable to firearms, the overwhelming majority of law abiding gun owners enjoy safe gun ownership and pose no risk to the public. In order to understand why that is, let’s look at available studies to see the real picture of guns in America.

According to the NIJ study, 80% of the criminals acquire guns illegally. These criminals account for the 12,000 firearm homicides annually. Assuming each death is caused by one gun, then 9,600 guns are illegal and 2,400 guns were acquired through legal means. Therefore out of the 300 million legally owned guns 2,400 are used in homicides. This suggests that every legally owned gun has a 0.0000008 chance of being involved in a shooting death. Consider the 18 thousand firearm deaths not related to homicides, assuming those guns are legal, adding the 2,400 would then yield a slightly higher risk ratio of 0.000092 per legal gun.

The risk-ratio calculated from these numbers suggests that the overwhelming number of guns owned by law abiding Americans represent virtually no threat to public safety. That said, of course even one accidental shooting is unacceptable. Gun ownership is a serious responsibility and requires proper training and strict adherence to safety. Responsible leaders should stress proper firearm education and training rather than willfully perpetuate a social taboo through fear mongering and misinformation for political purposes.

Progressive liberals routinely attack the 2nd Amendment. With a compliant liberal media, they exploit news of gun crimes to undermine legal firearms sales and ownership. But did you know that there are up to two million cases* per year where lives are saved because law abiding citizens were armed? Most cases go unreported where the mere presence of guns in the right hands prevented potentially violent crimes. Gun owners routinely scare off intruders with home defense weapons and stop violent criminals before they could do harm. On average, it takes 20 minutes for police to respond to a typical 911 call. Defenseless victims would have no chance against violent criminals unless they have a firearm. Disarming Americans and removing the deterrence to violent criminals is clearly not a solution at all.

Violence and poverty are serious problems that require real solutions. In all studies concerning firearm violence the data show that it affects young people disproportionately. Overwhelming, homicide victims in America are youths between ages 15 to 24. As alarming as that is, however, there is a bigger story beneath those numbers. Gun-control advocates will site these statistics to justify draconian gun laws, but what they won’t tell you is digging deeper in the data reveals a more horrifying story which is not about guns at all.

Statistical data from the CDC and the Firearm & Injury Center at the University of Pennsylvania, show that of all firearm homicides in 2002 (more studies show similar results in successive years) the overwhelming majority of cases involve minority black males of all ages with the greater number of cases involving back youths ages 15 through 34. (See fig. 1)

Fig. 1

These alarming statistics reveal something much deeper and more profoundly troubling than the availability of guns illegal or otherwise. Legal gun ownership is clearly not the culprit here. Guns by themselves do not kill, troubled people with bad intentions do. So why is this happening to young black men? Could it be because there has been a complete breakdown of good moral behavior? Is it due to the complete absence of family support and values? What about the loving father figure who inspire, provide proper guidance and keep them out of trouble? Instead of vilifying legal gun ownership why not focus on America’s urban blight epidemic? Where are those community leaders who claim to have the black youth’s best interest at heart?

Hey, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, President Obama, where are all you people? Have all of you completely abandoned these kids? Where the Hell is the cavalry? It’s certainly not the money, America has been most generous. Since Lynden Johnson’s War on Poverty Act of 1964, America has spent over $16 Trillion Dollars to fight poverty. Nearly one half century later, it barely moved the needle.
If $16 Trillion didn’t work, throwing more money at the problem defy reason. Food stamps and welfare do not buy self-respect or self-esteem, to the contrary. In fact, promoting dependency has clearly contributed to the dismantling of the urban family, and that is at the heart of the problem. Yet liberal politicians ignore the obvious and insist on repeating the same failed policies.

Instead of coming to terms with reality, progressive-liberals routinely deflect blame. They blame the inner-city problems on racism. They blame the rest of America for being unfair. And they blame gun rights for urban violence. But the evidence is clear that after generations of failed liberal social engineering, all they have to show for their redistributive welfare policies are dead young black men. It is profoundly shameful, truly heart breaking and utterly unacceptable.

So progressive-liberals persist in deflecting from their failures by denying the vast majority of law abiding Americans our constitutional right to bear arms. What is happening in urban America is the result of the big government entitlement state that we have become. Government intervention into urban America rendered the father figure obsolete and contributed to the breakdown of families. Young back men as a consequence are left to fend for themselves and we wonder why we have an inner-city criminal violence problem.

Consider the vast resources expended, not only has progressive-liberal social engineering failed, it accomplished the exact opposite of its intent plunging urban America instead into deeper poverty and deadly dysfunction. Rather than supporting family values and promoting good behavior, progressive liberalism succeeded in decimating urban families and in the process erecting virtually insurmountable social barriers in the path to success for urban America’s young black men.

So ask yourself which is more deadly, guns or liberalism?

* Every year there are more than two and a half million cases that are reported of lives or property saved because of armed citizens. These are accounts by actual “Armed Citizen” sources reporting to the NRA-ILA as published in the Riflemen.

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Is China to Blame?

As America’s economy continue to sputter, politicians blame China for taking American jobs. But is that fair or is it just provocative rhetoric that redirects the ‘pitchforks?’ I find it ironic the same politicians tout globalism when it fits their agenda, yet they refuse to acknowledge the dynamics and nature of the global supply chain when it comes to domestic economic policies. This is especially true when US companies seek affordable resources abroad. Then it’s: “those greedy corporations are shipping our jobs to China!” The truth is it’s most convenient to make China the boogieman because this populous narrative works like a charm to deflect attention. Clearly, the vast number of imported consumer products is proof we’re loosing traditional manufacturing jobs in America, but China isn’t the problem, Washington is. Capitol Hill has a spending addiction and our gargantuan debt is evidence they will do just about anything to feed it. Therefore politicians make us watch the other hand to cover for the white elephant. The fact is, businesses move production to China because most have little choice.

Let’s first, set the record straight: “profit” isn’t “evil”. It’s not only necessary, the inability to profit prevents growth and doom businesses to failure. Just as a great work force is important, profit is likewise crucial. Profit provides resources for expansion creating more jobs. It enables rewarding excellence further driving performance. Profit builds sustainability which guarantees tax revenue. It also funds corporate charity to benefit the needy, and profit adds vibrancy and prosperity to the community. Yet many politicians routinely vilify corporations and use class warfare shamelessly to pit workers against management. They strangle businesses at the behest of their special interest partners like the unions, the green lobby and others. Who in America does not want better wages and security for their family? What American does not want clear air, clean water and a healthy environment? The ruling elites manipulate public opinion by exploiting populist fears to enrich their political capital. Their crime is the systematic degradation of American free enterprise. In other words, they’re killing the golden goose.

Demagogues suggest “greed” is the motivator, but the truth is many companies can no longer afford to make products at home. To do so means their high prices will put them out of business. It’s not “greed,” it’s about survival. In fact, for many industries domestic production hasn’t been a viable option for years due to: high taxes, draconian regulations, exploding healthcare costs, higher labor costs, restrictive work rules, unaffordable pension obligations, strangling environmental compliance, more permit fees, more license fees, bloated legal costs, prohibitive raw materials and energy costs. By contrast, China promotes free market activity even as they restrict political freedoms. Imagine, these days China lectures us about our lack of fiscal discipline! The irony is not lost on this humble patriot living with restrictions on our own economic liberties.

Jobs have disappeared because our traditional manufacturing is unaffordable. Progressive politicians, their union partners and radical environmentalists put America in this untenable position. Their inability to deliver real solutions to prevent the job exodus is not China’s fault. For our politicians to vilify American Business, the engine of our economy, is like putting sugar in our own gas tank. Protectionists say buying Chinese only makes China richer while we become even more indebted to them. Poppycock! That we owe China has nothing to do with our consumption but everything to do with our out of control government deficit spending, so they vilify China to defect blame from the reckless political class.

The government requires the “Made in China” label displayed on products manufactured in China, but most consumers don’t know the untold story beneath that label. Take toys for example, Mattel manufactures in China, but did you know Mattel also exports billions of Dollars of toys internationally? Even though you see a “Made in China” label, it does not mean all Mattel revenues go to China. Quite the contrary, on average only 15 to 20% of every Dollar paid for a Mattel toy goes to the factory, the rest Mattel and its customers keep to create jobs, buy services and invest right here at home. If we add a 25% tariff on Chinese imports as some suggest, what happens to Mattel’s business and the economic prosperity Mattel generates in America? The “Made in China” label is misleading. It implies the products are Chinese owned. They are not. Like Mattel’s Barbie, these are US brands. The Chinese factory or original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) is merely a vendor in Mattel’s supply chain.

Politicians say China manipulates its currency to artificially keep their exports cheap so we should impose tariffs. But their US customers benefit from the low prices as do US consumers. By imposing a tariff we will hurt our own companies and consumers, especially the poor. Waging a trade war isn’t the answer. If America returns to common sense free market principles, we will be better able to compete. We should increase production of domestic energy, raw materials and rebuild our own manufacturing services. A competitive America will give us greater leverage with China to level the playing field.

Progressive law makers have deliberately banned domestic drilling, blocking access to our own petroleum. Obama blocking the Keystone Pipeline is a prime example of an unreasonable liberal-progressive bias against supporting domestic energy. We may debate the motives of the anti-oil crowd another time, but let’s expose its consequence to business. Oil is a vital global commodity critical to all industries. Plastics its byproduct, is also essential to produce consumer and industrial products. Plastic raw materials are derived from petroleum but because our radical environmental policies have restricted drilling and our refinery capacity, businesses are forced to go overseas. When US companies contract Chinese factories they also gain access to affordable international raw materials. Therefore, unless our domestic policies change to permit drilling, companies will continue to go overseas and American jobs will continue to do likewise.
US companies with customers world-wide contribute to our GDP. To service international customers they must operate globally and manage a global supply chain network accordingly. China has positioned itself extremely successfully as a reliable manufacturing vendor of choice. Their success was not built on the backs of Americans. Our misguided economic, labor, educational, environmental and energy policies are to blame for our malaise. Washington is the problem. It’s an outrage our leaders are not focused on solutions to enable American businesses to compete. Their stunning lack of leadership has been the steady undoing of what was once the greatest growth economy on Earth. Therefore, whether you’re an American entrepreneur, union worker, corporate professional, environmentalist, educator, student, home maker, immigrant or public official, we all share a common interest in an economically vibrant America. We must work together to solve real problems not for short term gain but for America’s long term success. Politicians need to be held to account to not pit Americans who need jobs against Americans who provide them.


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Watch the Other Hand

During a recent campaign stop in Ohio, President Obama told America if any of us thinks we made it on our own, we are delusional. He said, “You didn’t build that…” and asserted that your success is only achieved on the backs of the collective. He insisted that it is the government who built the infrastructure that provided you with the ability to succeed and not your talents, hard work, perseverance or profound personal sacrifices.

Some were shocked to hear the President of the United States expressed such a radically un-American point of view. But if you have been paying attention, he has been remarkably consistent. In 2008 he told Joe the Plumber off the teleprompter what he believed then with the now infamous phase: “we need to spread the wealth around…” Now he is simply revisiting the same Marxist rhetoric masquerading as a ‘pay your fair share’ campaign while targeting and demonizing our most successful citizens.

We must not, however, be distracted by this ‘fairness’ rhetoric, because it is intended to deflect the conversation away from Obama’s colossal failures. That is of course if you define failure as the perpetuation of America’s weak economy, joblessness, our diminished standing in the world and the dispiriting of America. I contend, Obama does not.

Despite the class warfare poison coming out of this White House, it has never been about what is ‘fair.’ It has always been about ‘fundamentally transforming’ America. Under Obama’s redistributive doctrine, America is rapidly becoming a welfare state and a weakening super-power.

Obama’s success is the dismantling of free-market capitalism and an economy run by a dominant central government. Obamacare is a giant step in that direction. In addition, the executive orders issued by this administration to bypass Congress and establish a battery of anti-business bureaucratic mandates violate our constitutional separation of powers and the free-market liberties of the private sector.

As a disciple of Saul Alinsky, Obama is capable of absolutely anything in advancing his agenda. To him ‘the end justifies the means,’ thus lawlessness, lies, bribes, extortion and corruption are all ‘reasonable’ means by which to accomplish his objectives.

While we may view America as a blessing (because for the first time in human history the power of the individual, unleashed by liberty, built an exceptional nation), Obama does not. The unalienable rights and freedoms granted to individuals under America’s founding documents are anathema to statists and tyrants who care only about their power. We must realize, therefore, the preservation of American Exceptionalism is completely irrelevant to Obama and the modern Democrat leadership as evidenced by their contempt for the United States Constitution.

It is now clear after nearly four years, Obama and Democrat leaders have no compunctions about presiding over the destruction of the United States in order to force us to be a part of their global Marxist utopia. In fact, Obama’s goal to ‘fundamentally transform America’ would not be possible without profound curtailment of American liberty. So watch the other hand because what they want us to see is the shiny decoy intended to distract us from what they are actually doing in the shadows.

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Home Values Decline Under Hope & Change

Home ownership has always been synonymous with participating in the American Dream. Hard working tax payers strive to earn enough money to afford owning their homes and when they do, ownership is a momentous milestone by which success is measured in achieving that dream.

To most Americans to own one’s home isn’t merely a symbol of achievement, it is quite literally a means to build wealth. In fact, most of us depend on the sustained value of our home as a retirement nest egg. When working Americans pay their mortgage, most view the monthly payment as a saving program, an investment for the future. To the vast majority of Americans the home is simply their single largest asset.

Barack Obama came into office on a promise of hope & change. Not only has the housing market not recovered in nearly four years, the negative trend continues unabated putting an unprecedented number of home owners under water. To these Americans hope has turned to despair and the change a nightmare.

In Rhode Island, our governor’s anti business agenda continues to bleed jobs with a predictably deleterious effect on our home values. Rhode Island real-estate values have likewise been hit hard losing an average of 25-30% since the highs of 2006. (see RI housing chart by

Under President Obama more government debt has been accumulate while more personal wealth has been destroyed in the United States than at anytime in modern American history. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a shock that under an administration committed to socialistic-progressive policies that our homes would become necessary collateral damage as this administration advances its collective fairness agenda.

We now know that hope & change actually means building bigger government, waging class warfare and imposing even greater redistribution of wealth all paid for by accelerated deficit spending. Government doesn’t build wealth, free people in the private sector do. What this president has created is anathema to the very soul of America, a most hostile environment for free enterprise, the continual loss of personal wealth and the diminished values of personal property. His recent comment, “you didn’t build that…” reveals a troubling hidden belief he had not openly shared. Translation, “You don’t own that…”

A critical basis to American liberty is our private property rights. Obama’s quip exposes how he justifies taking what you might believe is rightfully yours to redistribute to others. It is most alarming that this president clearly does not share our fundamental beliefs in America liberty of which private property rights is a major part. Regardless, facts are stubborn things, no amount of political spin can change the fact that American assets continue to bleed values under the destructive policies of this administration.

President Obama and his progressive partners, including Rhode Island’s own Gov. Chafee, have put our nation and our state on the edge of a fiscal cliff. The bigger they grow government the more destruction they wrought on the private sector. As your assets shrink so too your economic liberty. Unless we reverse course, America will almost certainly continue her economic free fall, even greater debt, more diminished world standing, more suffering and along with that the destruction of our republic. This November, vote for American liberty & prosperity. Let’s fire the big government progressives, reverse course, restore the America of productivity through self reliance. Let’s restore America to a nation where freedom and prosperity will be once again be our children’s future for generations to come.


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Moderates routinely call for compromise with progressive Democrats. But we’re not just apart on the issues, we’re on completely different planets! To begin with, progressives believe America is the problem, but we believe America is the solution. They say the Constitution is a living document open to interpretation because times have changed. But our Constitution is a timeless binding contract intended to limit the size and powers of government and establishes the relationship between government with the people it serves. A binding contracts is not open to interpretation. It is a written commitment that memorializes a sacred trust.

Progressive Democrats are anti-free market, but the free market is the engine of prosperity. Keynesian Economics is their solution, but supply side economics is what actually works. Their answer to everything is big government, but to us big government is the problem. They insist on piling on more debt for our children to deal with, but not only is that reckless, it’s fundamentally immoral to pay for today’s problems with our children’s labor tomorrow.

Progressives want government to control every aspect of our lives. We cannot disagree more. We believe in individual liberty to pursue our own self-interest so we would not be a burden on society and government should stay out of our lives. Progressives claim it’s all for the children, the needy and for the greater good. But their policies of a central planning and control destroy productivity, grow dependency, and rob generations of their dignity, work ethic and basic freedom. Our way is to reward productivity, encourage self-reliance, grow prosperity, enable and protect the freedom of individuals to chose how they should live their lives with dignity and pride.

Progressives use political correctness to attack those who disagree and restrict speech that challenge their point of view. They blurs the truth and put us all at risk. For example, using the label of “Overseas Contingency Operations” to replace “Fighting the War on Terror” masks the true nature of the threat to our nation and weakens our defenses.

Democrats support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, so they use racist accusations to attack opposing views. We deplore the use of the “race card” and we want American citizens, our borders and our national sovereignty to defended. We believe America has always been a “melting pot” of all races and cultures coming together to form one united States of America and not a divided nation with pockets of ethnically diverse communities that do not embrace traditional American values.

Democrats believe they can sweet talk terrorists, thugs and dictators into peace, but dictators and Islamic extremists have demonstrated time and again they can’t be trusted. The Left support the United Nations which provides legitimacy to those dictators and terrorists. Progressive Democrats want the UN agenda to supersede our Constitution and to have authority over US citizens. This to us is an absolute outrage and is nothing short of a treasonous betrayal of our national sovereignty.

The Left assail our Judeo Christian heritage and the American family while promoting single parenthood and celebrates gay and lesbian lifestyles. We will defend the rights of the American family and our Christian values against their attacks. Further more, progressives will not defend the unborn, but as Christians, we are obligated by our faith and conscience to protect all human life especially those who are least able to defend themselves.

So, pray tell, where do we compromise?

The fact is, under the guise of “compromise,” progressives have gained much ground inch by inch, year by year, decade by decade. They have sought unrelentingly to undermine our Constitution for a century. Compromise is what brought us to the perilous precipice today. So when conservatives fail to recognize that the call for “compromise” is a tactic of the progressive Democrat left, America will continually lose ground and our principles will continue to be eroded compromise by compromise.

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