Ask Yourself These Questions

Why is the media silent when gas prices hover around $4.00/gal under Obama yet Bush was lambasted everyday that gas prices stayed above $2.00?
Why have a Department of Energy that denies America its own energy resources in favor of buying energy from those who want to kill us?
Why tolerate an EPA that would defend an obscure species of minnow by destroying the livelihoods of thousands of American farmers?
How does trading carbon credits so someone else can release the same amount of carbon reduce carbon emissions?
If these ‘green’ hybrid cars are so great why do they need government subsidies?
Where are the ‘green’ jobs anyway, were they not our economic salvation?
Why is 9.1% unemployment given a pass under Obama but under Bush a 4% unemployment was savaged as failed leadership?
Why are Union’s contracts ‘sacred’ and can’t be touched but the US Constitution is a ‘living document’ open to liberal interpretation?
Why must we cut our family budgets to the bone so those who work for us may continue to enjoy cost of living adjusted salaries and unsustainable benefits?
Why do those who insist Universal Healthcare is a “human right” deny unborn babies their right to life?
How does adding 170 new federal bureaucracies and 30 million new patients to an already burdened healthcare system with doctor shortages and unsustainable costs improve quality of care and reduce the deficit?
Why is it necessary to redefine traditional marriage and force the many to endure “living a lie” so the few need not feel that way?
Why was Bush vilified by the media for defending America yet when Obama continues the very policies that he attacked as a candidate he is somehow ‘brilliant’?
Why must we not jump to conclusions when a Muslim massacres innocence but when the shooter is a white male, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are somehow responsible?
Why is Sarah Palin marginalized as an idiot yet Obama’s “57 states” gaff gets a pass?
Why is it to mention Muslim extremism will unfairly label a particular group yet it’s perfectly fine to slander conservative Americans and concerned citizens who disagree with the progressive agenda as racists?
Where are the reports of Obama playing golf while millions suffered from flooding in the Mid West yet during Katrina Bush was smeared relentlessly as uncaring?
Why is it the site is cleaner after Tea Party rallies but the pro-Union protests caused $7.5 million in damages to Wisconsin’s State Capital?
Why do we continually fund a Department of Education that produces illiterate and dysfunctional citizens?
Why do Democrats want to transform America to socialism when Socialism and Marxism resulted in epic historic human suffering, as seen in the old Soviet Union., Communist Eastern Europe, Mao Zedong’s China, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, etc.?
How is borrowing 40 cents on every Dollar the government spends on programs we don’t want or can afford going to bring America back to prosperity?
Why is it when Democrats control Congress they can totally ignore the other side yet when Republicans are in the majority they must compromise?
How come when liberal progressives hijack the democratic process they are courageous but when conservatives defend tax payers’ rights they’re extreme.
If you take an oath with your hand on the Bible but you’re not religious or even a Christian, how then can we hold you to account?
I can go on endlessly but you get my drift.


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