Liberty and Entrepreneurialism

How did America become the greatest nation on Earth? 5000 years of human history preceded America with little technological advancement. Plowing a field with a beast and life for ordinary citizens remained the same through this long period.

Since America’s founding in 1776 humanity saw a rate of growth unprecedented in all of human existence. In 127 short years America took flight and in less than 200 years she put a man on the moon. What was so special about America that it took her founding to deliver such unprecedented human advancement in such a short period of time when countless empires and nations have come and gone?

What was it about America that enabled such miraculous progress? The answer lies in the unprecedented unleashing of individual liberty as affirmed by the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Our unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been a part of our national DNA and is directly accountable for America’s success. We have always been a people that viewed no challenge too great and no mountain too tall. No one told us it was impossible, so as Americans, we always got it done.

Increasingly, however, we are losing that American can do spirit, because when You tell someone they can’t help themselves, you can be assured they won’t disappoint you. When you tell them you will take care of their every need and worry. You will then succeed in destroying their capacity to be productive for themselves. In other words, you will be destroying our most precious resource, human capital.

If on the other hand, you remove barriers, encourage people to pursue their own dream, provide the conditions in which they are unrestricted and unencumbered in their pursuits, miracles will happen. When free people are allowed to realize their dreams unshackled, they will deliver incredible results. Thus is the history and the rich legacy of American Entrepreneurialism. It is this American phenomenon that changed the world.

It is undeniable that America’s success benefited humanity in immeasurable ways improving life on Earth overall. There are unfortunately those among us who would deny this proud history. They have designs on weakening America, the only true champion of human liberty. They neither have our nation’s best interest at heart nor do they care about advancing the cause of liberty for all mankind. Ronald Reagan was right, America is the shining city on the hill which lights the way to freedom for nations around the world. We must defeat those who would deny us a strong and free America lest humanity shall plunge into a new dark age where only ruthless tyrants reign. If we allow the legacy of our Founding Fathers to be lost, there is the real and frightening prospect that beacon of American Liberty would go dark for ever.


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