America Deserves the Truth

In 2006 Democrats took control of the congressional purse strings. It’s no secret, modern Democrats (or “progressives”) are vehemently anti-free market. With Obama in the White House and a super-majority they wasted no time to escalate their redistributive policies, ramp up the ‘class warfare’ rhetoric, and declare war on the American producers. In five years Democrats succeeded in an unprecedented expansion of government, accumulated the largest debt in US history, put our economy into a “death” spiral and along with it our individual liberties.

The vision of the modern Democrat party is anathema to our Founders’ constitutional republic they designed to protect the unalienable rights of every individual American. “Progressives” want us to be a ‘collectivist’ European socialist-democracy. Their greatest obstacle, however, is our founding document, so they try to subvert it unrelentingly. Even now, when European socialist-democracies are collapsing, they persist undeterred.

In coordination with organized labor and Leftist special interests, “progressives” Democrats employ the tactics of Marxist community organizer, Saul Alinsky, to advance their agenda. They ridicule, coerce, extort, demonized and bully anyone who oppose their vision of a democratic-socialist global world order. Incoherent as it is, the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters organized by anti-American Leftist groups like, Acorn, and SEIU is a manifestation of this radical Marxist “sludge.”

Aided by the main stream media, “progressives” dominate the narrative: “Everyone deserves the American Dream, but capitalism is ‘unfair; ‘social justice’ will level the playing field; healthcare is a ‘human right’; everyone deserves ‘free’ healthcare; the ‘rich’ must pay their ‘fair share;’ America’s racism denies equality; paying taxes is your patriotic duty.”

For most Americans the rigors of daily life makes them only a casual observer of politics. Balancing careers, families, and caring for aging parents leave most with little time to pay close attention. In this economic crisis, It’s easy to fall prey to deceitful politicians who exploit their fears.

Obama’s Ex-Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel famously said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” He unwittingly exposed their tactic of manipulation: “Fearful about the crisis du jour ? Trust Democrats.”  Since “progressives” control the press they perpetuate the illusion: “Democrats own the moral high ground and possess the only solutions for America.” The rise of the Tea Party movement, however, is a clear sign that even their media dominance will not sustain that illusion any more.

Americans are a trusting people, typically choosing to believe the best in others. For the most part, they believe their elected officials will serve with integrity. Even when Congress and the White House have repeatedly demonstrated clear dereliction of duty, most people will still speak approvingly of their representatives. Even with Obama’s job approval at an all time low, most will still give him the benefit of the doubt despite a clear record of failure.

So what are concerned voters to do? First, make the time to pay close attention. Defend the Constitution and defeat the anti-freedom agenda. Help expose the “progressive” lies and fight their false narrative of: “settled” climate science; “open borders”; anti-Christian attacks; corruption; anti-Family agenda; pro-multiculturalism lies that breeds, division, distrust, hatred and anti-Americanism. Go toe-toe-toe, issue-by-issue and defeat media corruption.

Predictably, Democrats and their “progressive” operatives will launch personal attacks, intimidation campaigns and play the race card against patriotic Americans. It will take courage and perseverance to combat and defeat their bully tactics. But the truth is our best weapon and we will prevail. To restore our beloved nation, all should answer the call. Our children and future generations of Americans depend on it.


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