Moderates routinely call for compromise with progressive Democrats. But we’re not just apart on the issues, we’re on completely different planets! To begin with, progressives believe America is the problem, but we believe America is the solution. They say the Constitution is a living document open to interpretation because times have changed. But our Constitution is a timeless binding contract intended to limit the size and powers of government and establishes the relationship between government with the people it serves. A binding contracts is not open to interpretation. It is a written commitment that memorializes a sacred trust.

Progressive Democrats are anti-free market, but the free market is the engine of prosperity. Keynesian Economics is their solution, but supply side economics is what actually works. Their answer to everything is big government, but to us big government is the problem. They insist on piling on more debt for our children to deal with, but not only is that reckless, it’s fundamentally immoral to pay for today’s problems with our children’s labor tomorrow.

Progressives want government to control every aspect of our lives. We cannot disagree more. We believe in individual liberty to pursue our own self-interest so we would not be a burden on society and government should stay out of our lives. Progressives claim it’s all for the children, the needy and for the greater good. But their policies of a central planning and control destroy productivity, grow dependency, and rob generations of their dignity, work ethic and basic freedom. Our way is to reward productivity, encourage self-reliance, grow prosperity, enable and protect the freedom of individuals to chose how they should live their lives with dignity and pride.

Progressives use political correctness to attack those who disagree and restrict speech that challenge their point of view. They blurs the truth and put us all at risk. For example, using the label of “Overseas Contingency Operations” to replace “Fighting the War on Terror” masks the true nature of the threat to our nation and weakens our defenses.

Democrats support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, so they use racist accusations to attack opposing views. We deplore the use of the “race card” and we want American citizens, our borders and our national sovereignty to defended. We believe America has always been a “melting pot” of all races and cultures coming together to form one united States of America and not a divided nation with pockets of ethnically diverse communities that do not embrace traditional American values.

Democrats believe they can sweet talk terrorists, thugs and dictators into peace, but dictators and Islamic extremists have demonstrated time and again they can’t be trusted. The Left support the United Nations which provides legitimacy to those dictators and terrorists. Progressive Democrats want the UN agenda to supersede our Constitution and to have authority over US citizens. This to us is an absolute outrage and is nothing short of a treasonous betrayal of our national sovereignty.

The Left assail our Judeo Christian heritage and the American family while promoting single parenthood and celebrates gay and lesbian lifestyles. We will defend the rights of the American family and our Christian values against their attacks. Further more, progressives will not defend the unborn, but as Christians, we are obligated by our faith and conscience to protect all human life especially those who are least able to defend themselves.

So, pray tell, where do we compromise?

The fact is, under the guise of “compromise,” progressives have gained much ground inch by inch, year by year, decade by decade. They have sought unrelentingly to undermine our Constitution for a century. Compromise is what brought us to the perilous precipice today. So when conservatives fail to recognize that the call for “compromise” is a tactic of the progressive Democrat left, America will continually lose ground and our principles will continue to be eroded compromise by compromise.


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