Journalism, Education and Freedom

We all agree a free Press is essential to the preservation of our liberty, but what happens when the Press is corrupt? Sadly, the selective reporting, half truths, bias, outright fabrications and rampant hypocrisy today in the main stream media have become the new normal. Many are convinced in fact that Journalism is dead in America.  As alarming as that is, there is an even more troubling and insidious malignancy in America. Witness the pervasive liberal-progressive cancer that corrupts our schools and indoctrinate our children.

In 2008, I taught as an adjunct professor at my college alma mater where I graduated more than 35 years ago. My brief tenure was for me a shocking eye opener. Students worshiped candidate Obama and believed our free market system and our prosperity were the root cause of the world’s problems. Man-made global warming was a religion. A fellow faculty member even proclaimed he was a committed Socialist. At the high school level the situation isn’t more comforting. We were looking at high schools for our son and during open house I noticed a quote from Karl Marx sharing equal billing with those from MLK and Lincoln at one school, while Mao Zedong was revered in a child’s school project at another.

Clearly, while the rest of us were busy raising families, building businesses, advancing careers and paying taxes, the progressive-left was busy co-opting our schools and stealing our young. Frighteningly, they have been most effective. Today our educational system is almost entirely controlled by the far left. It’s no wonder the main stream press is populated with leftist clones. America’s troubled schools are clear evidence the progressive left have severely compromised our educational system in just about every way imaginable. As a consequence, they have put in great peril the futures of generations of our children and ultimately, our great nation. We have a duty to expose the corruption, restore our free press and reform our schools because what is at stake is nothing short of our American way of life and our freedom.


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