Obama Vs. The 1st Amendment

In implementing its controversial government healthcare the Obama administration recently mandated that the Catholic Church, its charitable organizations and hospitals provide their employees free birth control and contraceptives or face penalties. This requires the Catholic Church to either violate one of its key tenets or face hundreds of millions in fines.

In what most see as an unprecedented attack on religious freedom and a violation of the Constitution, the Obama administration takes the position that free contraception and birth control is a ‘rights issue’ (because the Left defines birth control as a ‘healthcare right’) and draws a moral equivalency between contraception and our right to religious freedom. While that is contemptible, it is even more troubling that some Church leaders actually support this preposterous position.

By any standard, this argument is a liberal fabrication. Birth control and contraception have always been highly controversial secular solutions that conflict with Christian teachings. These are secular tools of convenience designed to mitigate the problem of unwanted pregnancies while ignoring any religious and moral considerations. In fact, absent any social stigma, birth control and contraception implicitly condone reckless behavior because they erase accountability and guilt. Imagine, if everyone behaves morally and responsibly, unwanted pregnancies would not be an issue. Alas, we live in an imperfect world where corrupt secularism reigns and our moral Christian values routinely assaulted. Consequently, unwanted pregnancies are pervasive.

Many believe, therefore, that contraception and birth control are ‘necessary evils.’ But when did ‘necessary evils’ become the moral equivalent of the right to religious freedom? To say that birth control and contraception is essential to women’s healthcare and to further suggest “healthcare is a human right,” is simply dishonest political manipulation. Pregnancies are not diseases that need to be eradicated or for which we need a cure. Pregnancy is life in process. Nothing is more fundamental. With pregnancies, however, come responsibilities, so if you are not ready, then you need to simply be morally responsible. The principal role of the Church is to provide spiritual and moral guidance. If government forces the Church to enable women to commit an act that is at odds with its teachings, that is tyranny.

The president of the United States is not above the law. When he took office, president Obama took an oath to preserve protect and defend our Constitution. He is only a temporary steward of the nation’s laws. The Constitution of the United States is the law of the land. By mandating the Catholic Church or for that matter any other religious group or individual citizen to betray their religious conscience, it violates their 1st Amendment rights. Not only is that a constitutional crisis, it also creates an enormous moral conundrum for Americans at a time when great moral confusion afflicts this once moral Judeo Christian nation.


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