Truth, Courage and Leadership

Obama routinely attacks his political opponents even as he calls for civility. He publically berates Congressman Paul Ryan and his budget proposal yet offers no solutions. He calls for a bipartisan commission to solve our budget woes yet refuses to take their recommendations. When the truth is inconvenient, and it usually is, politicians like Obama use the “rope-a-dope” to make you watch the other hand. Their provocative rhetoric draws attention away from the real issues and they hope the bad news will simply go away. But the “truth” is a very stubborn thing. It’s like hiding all your dirty laundry in the closet. The more you stuff the more pressure is on that closet door, until one day the closet door bursts open and the mess spills out for all to see. When that day comes, it’s usually not pretty.

When Eric Holder proclaimed: “we are a nation of cowards…”, he was actually onto something, although what he meant was absurd and outrageous. The truth is our political leaders are cowards because they routinely hide our nation’s most difficult problems. It’s never courageous to pander and always cowardly to buy votes with OPM, other people’s money, the progressive currency of choice. On the other hand, speaking the truth and offering real solutions despite the most difficult of circumstances… that takes real courage and leadership.

Our volunteer military put themselves in harms way so the rest of us can go to the mall. They have real courage. It takes courage to admit you are wrong, or to say you’re sorry. Of course the more difficult the situation the more courage is required, and It always takes courage to do what’s right.

Funny thing about doing what’s right. It’s almost always the toughest choice you have to make. But that of course is just how life is. So Holder is right about cowardice in America, but it is our political class in Washington who routinely sell out our children’s future by mortgagint their futures who are the real cowards. They lack the integrity and the courage to do the right thing. This November, let us eradicate political cowardice across our nation beginning with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and restore our United States of America.


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