War on Religion, a Distraction by Design

(Reposted from Article dated Feb. 20, 2012)

It is most curious why the Obama administration choose this time to declare war on the Catholic Church. During an election year, does this not seem politically counter-intuitive? Why would the president intentionally anger Catholics who helped him win the White House? There are two possibilities: either this is a gross miscalculation or it is entirely by design.

Consider the record of this president. This is a presidency characterized by lofty rhetoric of overpromising while under-delivering. Obama’s big-government agenda has racked up an epic mountain of debt unprecedented in human history. Never in our history has a president so compromised the personal freedoms of Americans to this extent. His lack of a coherent foreign policy is rapidly diminishing America’s global leadership, putting at risk ournational sovereignty and our security. His weakness is emboldening Islamic radicals, and empowering rogue tyrants. Under this administration, America has never been more divided than since the Civil War. Even as the White House stonewalls congress on Fast & Furious and Solyndra, more than half the union is in litigation with Obama’s DOJ over Obamacare, illegal immigration and border security. Obama’s lofty speeches of election ’08 when he said, “We’re not a black America or a white America…. we’re not a liberal America or a conservative America… we are the United States of America…” now ring hollow. This White House has been implicated in more scandals and improprieties than any prior administration in history. But for liberal media cover, lesser offenses would have triggered wild public outcry or even impeachment proceedings. It is, however, crystal clear to the informed that Obama’s radical world view and progressive agenda threaten our very way of life and generations of Americans yet unborn.

So why did President Obama pick a fight with the Catholic Church at this time? Clearly, if he redirects the conversation to be about contraception vs. religious freedom and away from his dismal record, the cultural debate will consume the rhetorical oxygen against his re-election. The president knows he can count on the media to carry his water. Now that Santorum appears to be the front runner, the press will force the GOP field into a cultural debate instead of Obama’s dismal record. This clever bait-and-switch will also rally the Democratic base in the process. Rahm Emanuel, reminded us, “never let a good crisis go to waste…” As Occupy Wall Street wanes, it is now time to manufacture a new crisis and stoke another cultural war. So the master of the slight of hand is once again showing us that he can redirect the national focus away from his failures by making us “watching the other hand.”


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