Watch the Other Hand

During a recent campaign stop in Ohio, President Obama told America if any of us thinks we made it on our own, we are delusional. He said, “You didn’t build that…” and asserted that your success is only achieved on the backs of the collective. He insisted that it is the government who built the infrastructure that provided you with the ability to succeed and not your talents, hard work, perseverance or profound personal sacrifices.

Some were shocked to hear the President of the United States expressed such a radically un-American point of view. But if you have been paying attention, he has been remarkably consistent. In 2008 he told Joe the Plumber off the teleprompter what he believed then with the now infamous phase: “we need to spread the wealth around…” Now he is simply revisiting the same Marxist rhetoric masquerading as a ‘pay your fair share’ campaign while targeting and demonizing our most successful citizens.

We must not, however, be distracted by this ‘fairness’ rhetoric, because it is intended to deflect the conversation away from Obama’s colossal failures. That is of course if you define failure as the perpetuation of America’s weak economy, joblessness, our diminished standing in the world and the dispiriting of America. I contend, Obama does not.

Despite the class warfare poison coming out of this White House, it has never been about what is ‘fair.’ It has always been about ‘fundamentally transforming’ America. Under Obama’s redistributive doctrine, America is rapidly becoming a welfare state and a weakening super-power.

Obama’s success is the dismantling of free-market capitalism and an economy run by a dominant central government. Obamacare is a giant step in that direction. In addition, the executive orders issued by this administration to bypass Congress and establish a battery of anti-business bureaucratic mandates violate our constitutional separation of powers and the free-market liberties of the private sector.

As a disciple of Saul Alinsky, Obama is capable of absolutely anything in advancing his agenda. To him ‘the end justifies the means,’ thus lawlessness, lies, bribes, extortion and corruption are all ‘reasonable’ means by which to accomplish his objectives.

While we may view America as a blessing (because for the first time in human history the power of the individual, unleashed by liberty, built an exceptional nation), Obama does not. The unalienable rights and freedoms granted to individuals under America’s founding documents are anathema to statists and tyrants who care only about their power. We must realize, therefore, the preservation of American Exceptionalism is completely irrelevant to Obama and the modern Democrat leadership as evidenced by their contempt for the United States Constitution.

It is now clear after nearly four years, Obama and Democrat leaders have no compunctions about presiding over the destruction of the United States in order to force us to be a part of their global Marxist utopia. In fact, Obama’s goal to ‘fundamentally transform America’ would not be possible without profound curtailment of American liberty. So watch the other hand because what they want us to see is the shiny decoy intended to distract us from what they are actually doing in the shadows.


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