What’s Wrong With Government Redistribution?

Webster’s Dictionary defines money as: “Anything that serves as a medium of exchange for goods and services, in the form of tokens which have a value established by a commonly recognized authority.” To have something to exchange one has to produce either goods or services and that requires labor. Webster defines labor as: “prolonged hard work or a task demanding great effort.” It is indeed through labor one acquires money. In fact, money is a measure of one’s “prolonged hard work.”

Regardless of the type of goods or services produced, there is value to your hard work which is determined by your customer’s need and desire. If the value you produced is commonplace, of modest quality and only partially satisfies, then you will receive less money. Conversely, if the value of your goods or services is rare, desirable, of exceptional quality and would more than satisfy, then you will receive much more in the exchange. This is capitalism of which money, as a tool to facilitate exchanges of the value of labor, is an integral part. There is nothing inherently good or evil about capitalism. Like air and water, it just is. The fact that someone may try to exchange goods or services in a manner so as to deceive or in some coercive way force the exchange against the other party’s free will, that’s not capitalism, that’s theft.

Our government’s principal role is to protect our rights and to ensure we are protected against coercion, theft and other threats against our liberty. Taxes are legitimate when it funds an efficient means by which to defend and protect those rights. But America’s founders never intended for government to be the party that facilitates the exchange of private property or to redistribute value created by your labor to such an overwhelming extent. When government takes money from one to redistribute to another beyond the goods or services consumed by you the tax payer, it denies you the right to fairly benefit from your own labor. At that point, government has crossed the line towards institutional coercion or legalized theft. Today, government controls almost every aspect of our lives from the food we eat to the products we buy to the houses we live in, to the cars we drive. Selectively, on goods or services it wishes to limit or discourage, government creates coercive red-tape to restrict your freedom simply because some bureaucrat decided you are not allowed to make that personal choice. Often motivated entirely by politics, the government will simply mandate a denial of your rights to decide for your self how you must live.

America is a nation of laws and the Constitution was designed to protect our God given rights of individual liberty, to private property and to pursue happiness as long as we do not harm others. In America today, there are powerful political forces that work tirelessly to subvert our constitutional protections in order to justify government encroachment that grossly undermine our freedom. Progressive redistributive policies have corrupted the culture of Washington to such an extent that government has simply run out of our money. It now borrows more than 40 cents on every dollar it spends fuelling a ballooning debt larger than any in human history.

The very idea Americans must labor for those who do not is fundamentally immoral. To continually borrow from the future labor of our children and generations of Americans yet unborn is simply criminal. This is not about Republicans verses Democrats. This is about the survival of our ConstitutionalRepublic. The reckless and immoral actions of our political elite must not stand. As freedom loving Americans we must fight to restore our rights and defend those of our children and their children lest we lose America through apathy.

President Reagan famously said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”


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