Trying to Wake Up a Liberal Friend

I received a comment from an acquaintance on one of my posts:

“Dex – get a grip. You give the President waay too much credit (or blame) for things wrong in the economy. The Founding Fathers had great insight and fear of royalty, and, hence, severely restricted the powers of the President. Most of the US economy is driven by large corporations and trading/ negotiating at the international level – something the Administration can do little to improve or inhibit. Obama did what he could with what he inherited from the Bush admin, tried to shore up businesses after the major auto makers and banks collapsed, etc. Why ANYONE wants to be president is lost on me – a thankless job even in the best of times. If you think Romney will come in and suddenly “fix” things, well, I guess I am not drinking the same lemonade as you.

But I like you just the same and hope you are otherwise happy and healthy..!”
~ DK

To which I offered this response:

DK, if you choose to believe the deceptions from the left and refuse to see the truth, I can’t help you… but as long as you are bringing up our Founding Fathers, you might do a little more reading and get an education about how our system of government should really work.

The fact is this bozo-in-chief is well on his way to accomplishing what America’s enemies could not: weaken our military, destroy our sovereignty, collapse our economy, render us completely dependent on foreign energy (green crap is simply not ready for prime time go to DOE.Gov and get educated), and divide the nation hopelessly so Americans are at each other’s throats.

Since when do American presidents demonize one group in favor of another? Since when is it evil to be successful? If you are so naive as to believe a president is powerless to restore or destroy our $15 Trillion economy, you don’t know history. Reagan restored a damaged economy along with American pride after Carter nearly destroyed it. Déjà vu, today the Obama malaise is all around us… How? He has the power to shackle the private sector and he is sure doing a bang up job at accomplishing exactly that!

Obama’s government imposes impossible standards which devastate private industry, his draconion regulations kill jobs and bankrupt small businesses. His constant vilification of success and self-reliance stiffles and destroys the American entrepreneurial spirit, the engine of growth which build this great country. Then there is Obamacare, the greatest builder of centralized government and the destroyer of the private sector ever greased though Congress. This is by far the worst of bad laws passed in the most corrupt and deceiptful fashion in US history.

Separation of powers only works when all elected officials are faithful to their oath of office, that is, defending and preserving the US Constitution and not work to undermining it as the modern Democrat party and all of their Marxist special interest groups have been doing in the shadows. Ever read the history of “progressivism” in America? Well, they have hijacked the modern Democrat party and is hell bent on “fundamentally transforming” America into a collectivist, socialist and ultimately a Marxist utopia.

If you think Obamacare is about providing healthcare to those who can’t afford it, then I have swamp land in Florida to sell you! Obamacare was simply a massive government power grab masquerading as compassion. It blows a giant hole in our Constitution. This the most corrupt president in US history. He has side stepped his Constitutional role in more ways than any other (yes, much more so than Bush, and the blame-Bush-tactic is getting oh so very tired. Why not tell Obama to put his pants on and accept responsibility like a man! That’s what real leaders do.)

Obama’s EPA is destroying our manufacturing (trust me I know I spent 30 years in industry and ran two companies). His GM bailout was literally a criminal act. He illegally fired a CEO of a private sector company, bypassing their board of directors, bankrupted secured creditors who funded GM and confiscated the assets of GM’s franchisees many of which are private family businesses that helped build the GM brand over many generations… these were GM’s partners!

Obama did all this only to pay off his unsecured UAW union cronies. This kind of lawlessness should never happen in America, Soviet Union and Communist Cuba maybe, but NOT in the USA! Obama is destroying the coal industry and our domestic energy supply. His Dodd-Frank bill is destroying our financial industry and co-opting our banking industry. His budgets for the past 3 years yielded over One Trillion Dollars in deficits each and every. This while, Harry Reid, his partner in crime, refused to even pass a budget in the Senate for over 3 years even although he is mandated by law to do so!

Meanwhile Obama borrows 40 cents on every single Dollar the Federal Government spends. That debt is heaped on my son, his generation and future generations of Americans. Obama’s out of control spending legacy will guarantee that my son and his piers will have a much tougher life in America than prior generations. This for the very first time in US history where under our watch we will pass onto our future generations a weaker America burdened with the largest debt in human history. Yet this president and his party will not stop spending money we don’t have. They deflect from their reckless spending by demonizing those like Paul Ryan who want to stop this madness.

I can go on but I am tired… tired of the Obama lies and the fawning liberal media that carries his water. If we re-elect this clown, mark my words, the America you grew up in will be no more. They said it couldn’t happen in Germany, but the Socialist Party took control with the collapse of the German banking system and its economy. That gave rise to Hitler. Hey, never let a good crisis go to waste right (as Obama’s own chief of staff said in a candid moment)? Closer to home, Argintina, once the world’s second largest economy collapsed under Juan Peron’s corrupt socialist government and has yet to recover.

Do yourself a favor. Read history. I recomend The Road to Serfdom, The 5000 Year Leap, Liberty & Tyranny. And when you’re done with those I have many more books to suggest. Google Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky. Get yourself educated and I don’t mean watching the Obama channels: NBC, ABC, CBS alphabet soup or read the leftist propaganda in the NYT or the Boston Globe. Oh, and pray a lot that your candidate Obama will lose, for if he does not, tomorrow will see the end of America as we have know her.

Am I being harsh on you? Perhaps, but I love America damn it and I am mad as hell what our corrupt political leaders are doing to her!


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