Time To Vote!

It’s finally that time! Next Tuesday November the 6th, God willing, we will choose a new president to lead America back onto the right path and put the nightmare of the last four years in the rear view mirror.

Believe it or not, with only 5 days to go, there are still undecided voters out there. Just the other day I struck up a conversation with Holly who cuts my hair and discovered that she was an undecided voter. To her credit she was honest and candid about her views and admitted she is like so many busy Americans who pay little to no attention to politics. But next Tuesday she has to vote and she expressed panic. We spoke briefly about various issues and I revealed my pro-Romney position and still she wanted to learn more. So I took her email address and wrote her an overview of what I believe are the two choices we face which cannot be more stark in their contrast. Here’s what I sent:

It was good to chat today about voting next Tuesday. I’m not just saying it but for someone who claims to not know anything, you have very good instincts. My best advise is to follow those instincts. There is a great deal wrong with our country today and the problems are entirely bi-partisan! Both parties share the blame for the mess we’re in. But instead of putting America back onto a path to recovery, the last four years have seen one broken promise after another from this administration. This election will be critical to get America on the right track again. I am voting the person not the party!

There is no doubt those in the news media do not tell us the whole truth and the main stream media like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. all favor Obama because they’re all in the tank for him. It would take too long to try and explain why that is but the evidence is overwhelming that it is so. Take for example the most recent scandal out of this White House. The killing of 4 Americans in Benghazi including our Ambassador to Libya. This is clearly a cover up because after 6 weeks of lies from the White House and the State Department, we now know they knew our people were under attack by terrorists from the beginning. What’s more, they saw the attack happen in real time and watched our people die! What makes this even more scandalous is the fact the President either personally told our military to “stand down” or had someone order our military to not lift a finger to help even when we had people and assets in the vicinity ready to go. Then they made up this story about an anti-Muslim video some guy in California posted on You Tube. Now that much of the truth is out in the open the President will not even talk about it. The liberal media won’t even ask him why he and his administration lied to the American people with this made up story and why as Commander-In-Chief, he did not send in help. Now, imagine if this incident had happened under George Bush. Do you think for one minute that the liberal media would give President Bush a pass? But it’s their man in the White House and their silence is deafening. So this case should prove to you unequivocally that the liberal media is completely biased and therefore unreliable. But then, I think you’re instincts already told you that.

I think the presidential race can be boiled down to two clearly distinctive paths for America: pro- big centralized government which controls and regulates the private sector with a heavy hand and picks the winners and losers vs. pro-free market small government which allows the private sector to prosper and rebuild our economy.

Under Obama you can expect even bigger government, more governmental controls and regulations that will continue to run our lives. Obamacare is a perfect example of big government intrusion. It is a holy grail for those who want a “cradle-to-grave” entitlement society where theoretically the government takes all your worries away and takes care of everything. I say theoretically because that is a “socialistic” ideology where no one really owns anything because you willingly give it to government to redistribute to everyone else presumably “fairly.” But of course that is a fantasy and has historically never worked. So imagine there is no incentive to excel or work hard at anything since you have no personal stake in success. That’s why socialism always fails. Take a look at Europe and we are seeing the unraveling of those policies in real time. The riots in Greece and Spain are a direct consequence of these policy failures. The fact is those utopian promises can never be kept because you simply run out of other people’s money when a society is not motivated to produce. Obama is taking us down that road to Greece and if re-elected, you can count on being there. If you want evidence, all you need to do is look around and know that we are not in a recovery as his campaign has tried to tell us. Obama’s policies are anti-growth that’s why the economy is in a shambles. People are hurting and businesses are all barely hanging on. It’s little wonder no one is hiring! When government artificially forces America to run on unnecessarily expensive energy because of bad monetary policy (what we discussed regarding the Federal Reserve’s policy of quantitative easing or printing more and more money and literally diluting the value of your Dollar) and anti-business regulatory EPA policies that penalize businesses and forcing them to pay through the nose with unreasonable and extremist environmental regulations. Obama’s policies assumes the private sector is evil and therefore must be policed and regulated by government. This is what Obamacare is doing to businesses. It imposes draconian compliance costs and long-term financial burdens just to be in business. I can go on but this is just a quick overview if Obama is re-elected.

Under Romney you can count on the leadership of someone who is an experienced, successful manager and CEO from the private sector. He became wealthy not from inheritance but through his own hard work, talents and abilities. He build great success at Bain Capital which the Obama campaign demonizes in a grossly unfair way… in fact the attacks are complete mischaracterizations and lies. The truth is Bain Capital has done more to contribute to the US economy than Obama has ever done as a community organizer. The company’s role is as investor and turn around artist. They pick companies they think have potential but are in trouble and inject capital and smart management to turn the company around. They have tons of successes like AMC Entertainment, Burger King, Toys ‘R’ Us, Burlington Coat Factory, Clear Channel Communications, Domino’s Pizza, The Sports Authority, Warner Music Group, and Staples, Inc. Just take Staples for example. They now employs over 100,000 people throughout the US and that’s just Staples! Nothing Obama ever did either as a citizen or a state Senator comes remotely close to that. Under a Romney administration you can count on smaller more efficient government and one that works for us not against us. He will support businesses and lower tax rates as he said over and over again on his stumps. Why is that good? When businesses and entrepreneurs know they can count on a smaller government to not get in their way but instead be a partner they will prosper. Lower tax rates will make America more competitive and will attract investors from around the world. When investors pour money and resources into the United States our economy grows, expands and we create jobs…. millions of them! And that all leads to a more robust tax base for government! Remember, government does not create wealth, the private sector does. Government is only an expense because it only spends money and does not make money! When there is private investment and jobs are created, we put people back to work. Now we have people going back into the workforce who were unemployed and collecting food stamps and other government hand outs. So we lessen that burden on government requiring less revenue to pay for people who do not work! Which BTW, is not what the modern Democrat Party (or the Progressive Party) wants. They want you to depend on big government so they control the vote and stay in power. This to me is fundamentally anti-American and clearly, this is absolutely NOT the Democrat Party of JFK anymore!

A couple of other important items to note: Before Obama became President, he accused President Bush of making the world a more dangerous place and driving our debt to $9 Trillion. Four years later under President Obama’s watch, our national debt has surpassed $16 Trillion and the world is on fire with turmoil and the Middle East is becoming more unstable by the day! There is no doubt America must maintain a strong military. Yet Obama’s 2nd term will guarantee more military cuts while he will increase spending to grow welfare and bigger government. On the other hand Romney has said he believes in peace through strength and pledges to keep our military the number one in the world. I for one would sleep better at night knowing that.

Finally, whoever becomes the next president will likely be in a position to appoint at least 2 Supreme Court justices to replace those who will likely retire. This is critically important because of the cases that have come before the Supreme Court most have been ruled on 5-4 which barely holds the line for constitutionality. What does that mean? It means, if Obama is re-elected, he will appoint liberal-progressive justices to create a leftist majority so that only liberal-progressive positions will pass the Supreme Court. It is well known that liberal-progressives do not believe the US Constitution and believe it to be flawed. As a conservative I would argue that is a position that betrays America’s founding and in fact is unconstitutional. While historians and scholars will debate until the end of time the merits of the progressive point of view. The fact remains, our Constitution is the law of the land and the progressives have worked for 100 years to render our founding document irrelevant. Why worry? Because the liberal-progressive justices who are on the court now are all people who espouse those views and if they are in the majority this will permanently tip the balance to the extreme left so as to cause irreparable damage to our Constitution and perhaps achieve the progressive’s century long goal of altering our Constitution to such an extent so that the key pillars of liberty for Americans may be lost forever. If that happens we will no longer recognize the United States of America. Kiss the American dream good bye and along with that our freedoms. So it’s indeed very serious. Romney on the other hand will likely appoint Constitutional justices instead who will adhere to their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and that will save our country.

As you can see you have touched a nerve! I’m very passionate about what is about to happen to our beloved country and it’s no joking matter. I want to thank you for asking me those questions and I hope what I’ve written here will help as you make the right choice when you vote next week.

If you agree with what I’ve outlined here, I ask that you share this with as many undecided voters like yourself as you can. We desperately need an informed electorate to decide this election. Our nation’s future depends on it!

God Bless America!


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