The Morning After

I don’t mind sharing with you that I am deeply saddened and disappointed with my fellow Americans. In fact, I am angry. The good news is, as conservatives and patriots we don’t turn over cars and set them on fire or break store windows to loot or pillage just because we lost an election. But nevertheless, I am mad as hell at the idiots who call themselves Americans who voted to return the Liar-in-chief to our White House.

We have a president who could not offer a brighter vision for the future of America based on his accomplishment, because he has none. To the contrary, he has unequivocally made things much worse than when his predecessor left office. It’s no wonder then that he could only resort to a campaign of division, slander, lies and character assassination. So last night, class warfare won. Racial hatred won. Corruption and deceit won. Liberal-Media bias won. Immorality won. Lawlessness won. And so the Chicago way prevailed.

If there is any hope left at all, it is in the narrowness of the victory by the America-hater-in-chief. But rest assured, the next 4 years will be pure hell. Why do I know this? Because I have his record as evidence. We will see the doubling down of the current divisiveness in government. Lack of leadership will continue. Our porous southern borders will continue to let in more people who do not belong in America, or should I say, undocumented Democrats. These once United States will be at war with Washington D.C. to fight for their Constitutional sovereignty. This while Obama and his “blame America first” gang will cede our national sovereignty to the UN with the blessing of the new Senate.

Soon we’ll be a more compliant global citizen marching in unity under UN laws ratified by the Marxists-dictator-membership. Under Obama’s watch, these laws and treaties will supersede the US Constitution in America and this new Senate will grease the skids. Since the Senate and the White House don’t control the purse strings, partisan bickering will reach levels never before imagined. Our Constitution will be in real jeopardy not only from the routine assaults by this Administration via executive fiat or by their simply ignoring the rule of law as Obama has done in the last 4 years, but because he will appoint 3 additional liberal-progressive judges to the Supreme Court.

That, my friends, will be the last nail in the coffin for a free America because the Constitutional republic will become but a distant memory. But hey, if you love tyranny, you will love this new Obama-normal. Our freedoms as citizens will be curtailed even further by even bigger central government so better go spend what few Dollars you’ve got left because Uncle Obama is coming for it to redistribute to those who don’t have any use for work. But the best news is we now have a Senate loaded with leftist radicals who believe “you don’t own that” so brace yourself because they will surely come after what they believe belongs to the “collective.” What property rights? Do memories of Chairman Mao come to mind anyone?

Oh, and the “green” energy “investments” will continue unabated despite the train wreck of the last 4 years. Solyndra was a mere warm up act. Obama will do this not because he believes in “saving the planet” but because he needs more of your money to pay off his supporters and campaign bundlers. What, did you say you’re tapped out? That’s OK, he’ll just borrow more! My son and his generation will pay it back, they won’t mind. Besides Obama won’t put all of it on the credit card of the future generations, he has Ben Bernanke. The Federal Reserve will just print more!

And BTW, once Obama has cut our military down to the bone, now that he’s in his second term, he will soon get on the red-phone with Putin to tell him: “Vladimir, mission accomplished!” So to all you liberal-useful idiots out there, job well done. You have just accomplished what generations of America’s enemies could not by being complicit in the demise of our republic. Now bend over and kiss your sorry-collective-free-American asses good bye.


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