Letter to the NRA

November 20, 2012

Mr. Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association of America
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Dear Mr. LaPierre:

With President Obama’s re-election, I am writing to you as a concerned NRA member and fellow American who gravely fear for the loss of our freedoms. Like so many of my fellow Americans, I feel a sense of impending doom that in his second term, the President and his progressive operatives will do all they can to forcibly impose the ceding of our national sovereignty and the further destruction of our Constitution.

By signing onto the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty and issuing executive orders that bypass Congress, the President is signaling a clear anti-gun and anti-freedom agenda in his next four years. While I appreciate the NRA’s enormous efforts in its active opposition to this White House such as Fast & Furious, I strongly believe all freedom loving gun owners of America can and must do even more.

Having actively supported a number of political campaigns since 2008 only to be defeated time and again by Democratic machine politics, I’ve learned that the left is extremely good at mobilizing a united coalition. Obama’s second term will require all hands, even beyond the NRA membership. We need a united coalition of gun owners, sportsmen, pro-gun organizations, the firearms industry, the Tea party, other liberty groups and just freedom loving ordinary Americans across the country for this fight.

To me the NRA has always been more than a pro-gun advocacy organization. We are a defender of American liberty. With a coordinated and united coalition we shall have overwhelming political power and the resources necessary to defeat the gun-grabber’s assault on our freedoms once and for all. I therefore respectfully request that the NRA take the lead to build such a united coalition in anticipation of what will surely be the fight of our lives.

If Louis Farrakhan can put one million of his followers on the Washington Mall, surely the gun owners of America can do ten times that. Together en masse we can send an unequivocal message to the Washington ruling elites that as Americans we will not tolerate the hijacking of our liberty, the ceding of American sovereignty and the destruction of our Constitution by anyone in public service, and that includes the President of the United States of America.

Very truly yours,

Dexter Liu
Portsmouth, Rhode Island



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2 responses to “Letter to the NRA

  1. paul bernier

    Dexter, i’ve just spoken with Justin mcLaughlin.he’s our city representative on the town council .he expressed to me that he’s not interested inpreparing to back us on gun legislation with the recent phone call he made to me .

    • Paul,
      I am confused. Could I have bit more context? What town are you referring to in Rhode Island? And what does he mean by “not interested in preparing to back on gun legislation…” What gun legislation?

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