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Open Letter to Our Leaders: We Reject the Gun-Ban Agenda

Subject: we reject the gun-ban agenda & demand real solutions to protect our children

Dear Lawmaker and Elected Leader:

I am a parent first and a gun owner second. I too was horrified at the Newtown massacre and my heart broke as did most parents across our nation. But as a dad and a tax payer, I must insist that cool heads prevail as you go about seeking the right solutions to protect our children.

First of all, I must strenuously protest the disgraceful exploitation of the Newtown tragedy by those who rushed to advance their tired-old gun-ban agenda. The amoral “never let a crisis go to waste” actions of these politicians are utterly contemptible and shameful.

In fact, it is precisely when emotions run high in the wake of such horror, that we need calm and clearheaded leadership to pursue the right answers both to keep our kids safe now and to prevent such attacks in the future.

The actions of the anti-gun establishment are unbecoming of responsible elected officials. To rob responsible citizens of their Constitutional rights should never be a default first response. We expect and demand better leadership than that!

For those who have done their research objectively you will, as I have, conclude that gun bans or more restrictive gun laws do not protect lives at all. To the contrary, it will generate these predictable outcomes:

1) It will guarantee the deaths of more innocent children and citizens because the only possible means of stopping an armed killer, the firearm, will then be denied to the law abiding public.

2) It will immediately spawn a criminal firearm-black-market just as with the Prohibition where organized crime will be the beneficiary. Criminals will plunder and terrorize at will while unarmed citizens will be defenseless. And organized crime will not require a 7 day waiting period or any background checks.

3) It will immediately cause the closure of numerous industries and businesses that support the sportsmen and those who use firearms lawfully. Besides denying our fiscally desperate nation a significant tax revenue, this action will guarantee great pain and suffering for those now unemployed. This is tantamount to shooting oneself in the foot.

I submit that we must talk about legitimate solutions to protect our children and stop this irrational political campaign of fear and vilification of our 2nd Amendment Rights and of law abiding citizens who own and use firearms.

The truth is, in America the safety record of firearm ownership and its use is extraordinary considering the massive numbers: 300 million legally owned guns and 80 million law abiding gun owners. In fact, the data shows that overwhelmingly more lawfully owned firearms save lives and foil crimes than those that kill. Each year there are consistently two and a half million documented cases where lawfully armed citizens stop crimes and save lives. The data also illustrates that the hot spots of gun crimes are overwhelmingly concentrated in America’s largest urban populations. That is where the problems really are and by-the-way, these are all GUN-FREE-ZONES.

Clearly gun control and restrictive gun laws do nothing to curb gun crimes yet anti-gun politicians persist in pushing for gun bans.

Let me ask those who want gun control to answer this question:

“How will my son be protected in his school should God forbid, a crazed gunman break in as he had in Newtown?”

“What if God forbid, it were your child?”

“If you outlaw guns, how will anyone protect her?”

GUN-FREE-ZONES do not work – they invite would be killers and criminals. Newtown and Aurora are both clear evidence that this is the case.

Why don’t we start by abolishing Gun-Free-Zones? Let us start there.

As for how to counter would be killers, some may think it’s best to arm our teachers. Others may wish to hire armed guards. Still others may propose other means we haven’t yet considered. But the point is a centrally dicated “one-size-fits-all” government mandate is not the solution!

The right solution is for each municipality, each community or each school to decide for themselves based upon their own unique set of circumstances just what will work for them. Government can help and empower them but you need to let each community design their own solution that best fit their situation and not force a round peg into a square hole.

One thing I know for certain: another restrictive gun law will do nothing to save my child’s life, were he to be confronted with the exact circumstance as students at Sandy Hook.

We all recognize that there is an immediate need to ensure our children are adequately protected. We can’t fix our flawed society overnight and our children’s safety should not be held hostage while we debate the long term fix.

I urge our leaders to recognize that this is a complex multi facetted problem that demands real thoughtful deliberation. In the interim, we demand immediate practical solutions to protect our kids. GUN BANS in any form serve only as distractions and threaten to derail our quest for smart, honest and effective solutions.

The deadly consequences that will result from the utterly misguided gun-ban political agenda are simply unacceptable.

For the sake of protecting our children and saving lives, please STOP the political gamesmanship… take a breath, be thoughtful, be the leaders we elected and above all be the adults in the room.

Yours truly,
Dexter Liu
Portsmouth, Rhode Island


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