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Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America: This is what it looks like

A September 19, 2013 article in the Wall Street Journal titled: “Washington Sees Incomes Soar as Most of U.S. Declines,” turned my stomach. It reported that in this the worst recession in our lifetime, when people all over America are suffering from lost wages, devastated careers, jobs eliminated never to return and foreclosures on their American Dreams, Washington D.C. sees a near 25% hike in personal income. Clearly, the Washington ruling class have managed to redistribute America’s wealth to quite literally line their pockets and those of their friends and political supporters. We have now gone from a government by the people, of the people and for the people to a despotic tyranny where the people work to serve their masters in the ruling political establishment.

The history of humanity has been one where despotic leaders or the “enlightened” elites rule over the common people as subjects until America’s Founders created a system of government where the people were the boss. Those in elected office, as well as those in government, “served” the interests of the citizenry in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. In fact, they have a sworn duty to defend and preserve the Constitution. The “individual, the most vulnerable “minority,” was protected under the law to freely pursue their personal interests. This system profoundly unshackled the human spirit in ways that allowed ordinary people to do extraordinary things in a remarkably short period of time. A miraculous transformation of the world resulted, lifting much of humanity out of the dark ages of the past to profoundly better the lives of countless billions around the planet. Within 200 years since America’s founding, humanity went from a primitive existence where, for 5000 years, fields were plowed by beasts to global air travel and men landing on the moon. America was the miracle that transformed the world so ordinary people may live with dignity and prosperity such as never in human history.

The WSJ article told an alarming story. It showed me that Obama and his thugs are rapidly undoing the American miracle and have made stunning “progress.” In less than five years, they have managed to render our Constitution nearly irrelevant by turning a government by, for and of the people on its head. The system that was the miracle is in shambles with a malignant cancerous tumor of corruption and malfeasance. This administration has deliberately worked to widen the divisions in America as never before, driving a poisonous wedge between neighbors, families, races; pitting workers against employers, government against businesses, rich versus poor, non-Christians against Christians, Americans against Americans. Our moral compass has been shattered under this president and his administration as they wine and dine special interests in our White House to advance their “fundamental transformation of America” while presiding over the misery of this endless recession. The most prosperous economy on Earth is stricken with a malaise we’ve not seen in our lifetime. The U.S. Treasury has accumulated the largest debt in human history while default and bankruptcy looms in cities and towns across the nation. The best healthcare system on the planet is being systematically dismantled to make way for more governmental control over (quite literally) the life and death of every citizen. The most powerful military in the world is in disarray due to an utter lack of leadership. While destructive policies of political correctness by this administration serve only to confuse and weaken our nation’s defenses. Institutions that once had the trust of all Americans are being utilized to attack the administration’s political opponents and average law-abiding Americans just because they share a different view of the trajectory of our nation. Our educational institutions, once the envy of the world are now infested by corrupt ideologues who despise their own country. Their utter corruption and incompetence are now rendering our educational standards to lag far behind nations who used to sent their best and brightest to America. Our culture has lost its way and our people dispirited to a numb and tacit acceptance of a new normal that by any measure should be entirely unacceptable. Our youth now wallow in a suspended state of pessimism and a fundamental lack of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

What has happened to us? Why do we, as Americans, allow this to go on? As the nation of free individualists with what used to be an inexhaustible can-do spirit, we have always been the beacon of hope for the world. Others followed us because of our example. President Vladimir Putin of Russia, recently attacked the idea of “American-exceptionalism.” His scathing rebuke of Obama’s clumsy speech in which the President spoke of this concept demonstrated his ignorance as well as our own president’s utter misunderstanding of its true meaning. It’s not that we believe we are a better people or even an exceptional one. The “exception” refers to our nation’s legacy of freedom and its profound effects on humanity. Our Founders chose to create a nation that reveres the rights of the individual as God-given and a government with a Constitutional duty to defend that right. The “rule” has always been governments with power and authority over the people and never a people with the right for self-determination. Thus, the path our Founders chose for America was the “exception,” not the “rule.” No political power or nation in human history had ever imagined a government that is of, by and for the people except for the United States and this historical fact is called “American-exceptionalism.”

Undeniably, this “exception” profoundly transformed the world. Now more than ever, it is incumbent upon all Americans to understand just what this idea really means because so many take their liberty entirely for granted since they have never known tyranny. Tragically, many are quite content to trade away their liberty for a little security, or at least the promise thereof from power-hungry politicians.

This WSJ article is a smoking gun that Washington D.C. has gone horribly awry and wholesale reform is an existential requirement to sustain liberty. We must fight to return America to that exceptional path and eradicate the despotism that is infecting our political class. Like much of the troubled world today, despotism, which in Putin’s world and sadly Obama’s, appears to not be the exception but the rule.



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