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An Open Letter to Candidates for Political Office

Dear Candidate:

Defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution and we will have your back!

As with all citizens, we the firearms owners want safe communities. Many of us have become cynical, however, seeing our rights relentlessly attacked while criminals get a pass. We know the responsible and lawful use of firearms better than anyone. Besides our constitutional rights being undermined, we view the obsessive attacks on our legal gun ownership as political, dishonest and a deadly distraction. What we need is to address the litany of real issues that undermine our public safety while preserving the civil-liberties of lawful citizens.

Our rights as law-abiding Americans under our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are non-negotiable. You need to know all the facts surrounding criminal-violence with firearms. They simply do not support the assertions of the gun-control industry that push the narrative, “more armed citizens equal more deaths.”

There are numerous credible research studies that prove unequivocally that pervasive firearms ownership is not the problem. To the contrary, we the lawfully armed citizens are the solution. In fact, it has been shown more gun-control laws that burden us actually put society at greater risk while more legal gun ownership have been shown to reduce deaths.*

Despite empirical evidence including the government’s own data (CDC, FBI, DEA and the USDOJ), the burden continues to be unjustly placed upon us, the lawful citizens, while real solutions that target criminal behavior are routinely ignored.

The attacks on lawful gun owners like us take many forms that go beyond the legislature, this includes the intentional blurring of the truth by propagandists who implicitly equate criminal behavior with legal gun ownership. These are a result of well funded campaigns orchestrated by the powerful gun-control lobby** in partnership with anti-gun politicians and many in the mainstream media.

Further more, anti-gun regulations deliberately force firearms manufactures out of large markets reducing their production amortization capabilities. There is also the political arm-twisting of banks to deny banking services to those in the firearms business. In addition, there are the unrelenting attacks on ammunition production and availability from the Obama EPA.

While the optics of political campaigns may be often challenging, to cede even a rhetorical defense of the 2nd Amendment and lawful use of firearms will utter frustrate those of us in the firearms community. We will believe that the candidate or public official does not have our backs. This is rooted in the fact our rights have been unfairly and routinely attacked by those who are either ill informed or have an anti-gun and anti-freedom agenda.

What we want are champions of liberty and courageous leadership that will not fold under corrupt and dishonest political attacks. We will in turn passionately support those who are truthful, have a sincere interest in real public safety solutions and who will stand firm with us to defend the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

Sincerely yours,

The American Sportsman
The American Patriot
Law-abiding Firearms Owners of America
Americans for the Defense and Preservation of our Constitution
The American Tax Payer

* 1) Harvard Study titled, “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” Kates & Mauser; 2) Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, NW University, “Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun,” Gary Kleck & Marc Gertz; 3) “More Guns Less Crime”, Dr. John R. Lotts, Jr., PhD.

** 1) “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging,” Frank O’Brien, OMP: John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut, KNP Communication; Al Quinlan, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research; 2) Members of the anti-gun industry: Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Bloomberg et al; The Brady Campaign, Sarah Bady; Moms Demanding Action (formerly Million Moms Against Gun Violence); The Joyce Foundation;; Violence Policy Center; Freedom State Alliance; Media Matter; American Academy of Pediatrics; Americans for Gun Safety; Coalition for Peace Action; Gun Free Kids; National Gun Victims Action Council; Protest Easy Guns; Real Hunter Real Conservation; Students for Gun Free Schools; Tides Center Foundation; DCS Congressional; David Bohnett Foundation; Crime Gun Solution; Wounded in America; Third Way; Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; RI Coalition Against Gun Violence; Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence (RI).



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Can we afford to keep raising the cost of doing business?

Those who don’t understand the free-market model or even care to because they hold a redistributive world view, will not care why businesses require profits. The divisive “evil-rich” or “greedy-profiteer” smears are lies told to the gullible masses who do not know what businesses require to keep going or even more importantly, how it must grow to be viable. So it’s easy to fall for the class-envy rhetoric which is sadly destroying the American Dream.

Government is a consumer of tax revenue paid by big and small private sector businesses and individuals who work for a living. In fact government produces nothing. It spends our money ostensibly to provide us services. Which in today’s bloated Monster Government, we’re actually working for our “slave-master,” because much of our working life is devoted to paying taxes. When the White House and those in Congress engage in class-warfare, and use government to pit Americans against Americans in order to extract more taxes. We as tax payers, are quite literally funding the assault on our own liberties.

When government mandates businesses to pay more in wages regardless of the actual fair-market values of “minimum-wage” labor, it artificially forces businesses to increase operating overhead. Anyone who’s ever run an enterprise knows increasing overhead costs adversely effects products and services they provide their customers. When costs go up, one of four things must happen: 1) cost of your goods or services to your customer goes up; or 2) the quality of your goods or services goes down; or 3) cut workers’ hours or impose a hiring freeze; or 4) cut profits or operate at a loss.

The big government pushers believe businesses are greedy and can always afford wage increases. ‘Look at the rich owner’s Mercedes; he needs to spread the wealth around.’ They would say. The reality is when you increase the wages of minimum-wage workers (or entry-level jobs that should be determined by the free-market) that means, for example, the low cost food services, who’s customers are those who can’t afford fancy restaurants, will have to buy food at higher prices or lower quality. So those who can’t afford caviar will now be penalized by the government mandate.

If the owner keeps the price the same and lowers quality to try and survive, they’ll lose customers because of bad burgers. Eventually they will lose their business anyway from a lack of patronage. Alternatively, he can freeze hiring or cut workers’ hours, but that of course hurts his employees. Then there’s the option of operating at zero profit or at a loss. Now, try to keep up with inflation – another government caused disaster. The landlord certainly won’t stop raising the rent and eat his tax hike and his suppliers are also subject to inflation as well.

By imposing more mandates like raising the minimum wage, the government makes burgers unaffordable, and puts shops out of business. But wait, aren’t the people who want to raise the minimum wage the same ones who blame businesses for sending jobs overseas? So, you’re not allowed to make a profit, that’s greedy, but you’re supposed to sustain your business because you must have some hidden profits you’re not telling the government. So government forces you to operate at a loss so entry-level workers gets a higher wage because that’s what’s “fair?” And we haven’t even touched on the deleterious effects on business of the unaffordable Affordable Care Act best known as Obamacare.

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