An Open Letter to Candidates for Political Office

Dear Candidate:

Defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution and we will have your back!

As with all citizens, we the firearms owners want safe communities. Many of us have become cynical, however, seeing our rights relentlessly attacked while criminals get a pass. We know the responsible and lawful use of firearms better than anyone. Besides our constitutional rights being undermined, we view the obsessive attacks on our legal gun ownership as political, dishonest and a deadly distraction. What we need is to address the litany of real issues that undermine our public safety while preserving the civil-liberties of lawful citizens.

Our rights as law-abiding Americans under our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are non-negotiable. You need to know all the facts surrounding criminal-violence with firearms. They simply do not support the assertions of the gun-control industry that push the narrative, “more armed citizens equal more deaths.”

There are numerous credible research studies that prove unequivocally that pervasive firearms ownership is not the problem. To the contrary, we the lawfully armed citizens are the solution. In fact, it has been shown more gun-control laws that burden us actually put society at greater risk while more legal gun ownership have been shown to reduce deaths.*

Despite empirical evidence including the government’s own data (CDC, FBI, DEA and the USDOJ), the burden continues to be unjustly placed upon us, the lawful citizens, while real solutions that target criminal behavior are routinely ignored.

The attacks on lawful gun owners like us take many forms that go beyond the legislature, this includes the intentional blurring of the truth by propagandists who implicitly equate criminal behavior with legal gun ownership. These are a result of well funded campaigns orchestrated by the powerful gun-control lobby** in partnership with anti-gun politicians and many in the mainstream media.

Further more, anti-gun regulations deliberately force firearms manufactures out of large markets reducing their production amortization capabilities. There is also the political arm-twisting of banks to deny banking services to those in the firearms business. In addition, there are the unrelenting attacks on ammunition production and availability from the Obama EPA.

While the optics of political campaigns may be often challenging, to cede even a rhetorical defense of the 2nd Amendment and lawful use of firearms will utter frustrate those of us in the firearms community. We will believe that the candidate or public official does not have our backs. This is rooted in the fact our rights have been unfairly and routinely attacked by those who are either ill informed or have an anti-gun and anti-freedom agenda.

What we want are champions of liberty and courageous leadership that will not fold under corrupt and dishonest political attacks. We will in turn passionately support those who are truthful, have a sincere interest in real public safety solutions and who will stand firm with us to defend the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

Sincerely yours,

The American Sportsman
The American Patriot
Law-abiding Firearms Owners of America
Americans for the Defense and Preservation of our Constitution
The American Tax Payer

* 1) Harvard Study titled, “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?” Kates & Mauser; 2) Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, NW University, “Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun,” Gary Kleck & Marc Gertz; 3) “More Guns Less Crime”, Dr. John R. Lotts, Jr., PhD.

** 1) “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging,” Frank O’Brien, OMP: John Neffinger and Matthew Kohut, KNP Communication; Al Quinlan, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research; 2) Members of the anti-gun industry: Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Bloomberg et al; The Brady Campaign, Sarah Bady; Moms Demanding Action (formerly Million Moms Against Gun Violence); The Joyce Foundation;; Violence Policy Center; Freedom State Alliance; Media Matter; American Academy of Pediatrics; Americans for Gun Safety; Coalition for Peace Action; Gun Free Kids; National Gun Victims Action Council; Protest Easy Guns; Real Hunter Real Conservation; Students for Gun Free Schools; Tides Center Foundation; DCS Congressional; David Bohnett Foundation; Crime Gun Solution; Wounded in America; Third Way; Coalition to Stop Gun Violence; RI Coalition Against Gun Violence; Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence (RI).



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4 responses to “An Open Letter to Candidates for Political Office

  1. Jim

    Not sure I’m down with signing it The American Sportsman. It gives them a handle. I’d prefer to sign it A law abiding, Constitution obeying American Patriot.
    Also it would not hurt to have a paragraph or two regarding the oath of office and how criminal it is to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution and then join the gun grabbers and promptly violate that very oath that was sworn before God and your fellow man. It speaks of corrupt character in the person who violates their oath.

  2. Gun grabbing is the crime that sparked the “Shot Heard Round the World,” Liberals, Progressives, Speaker Gordon Fox are shooting themselves in the foot going after the Second Amendment.

    • Actually Fox is indifferent, it’s his “regressive” staff that’s been pushing the gun-control agenda… probably getting some pay off from the anti-gun industry!LOL!

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