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5th Rhode Island Tax Day Tea Party

I will deliver this speech tomorrow during the 5th Rhode Island Tax Day Tea Party Rally at the State House.

Tax Day Tea Party Rally 2014

“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan… If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor… period!” These words will go down in history among the greatest lies ever told.

These words didn’t come from just anybody, however, they came from the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief. Yet these lies didn’t target our enemies, they were directed at us ~ the American people.

Like so many lies from this Administration, these targeted us for the purpose of advancing a political agenda that is antithetical to the founding of the United States.

This agenda contradicts our constitutional principles of liberty and justice for all Americans. Yes, Obamacare like so many policies from this White House attacks our unalienable right to pursue happiness ~ on our terms.

Today, we’re constantly told to be socially responsible. We are forced to surrender an ever increasing share of our income to government to redistribute to all those important social causes we all must care about, lest we be called greedy, racist, bigots and other hateful names.

But that is not enough, for we need to believe that we must collectively solve the World’s social ills because, according to them, we created these problems in the first place due to America’s successful way of life.

But even that is not enough, because although we don’t have enough money to pay for it all, we must indebt future generations of Americans to pay for ‘social-justice,’ ‘economic-justice,’ ‘environmental-justice,’ ‘income-inequality’ and all of the injustices because of American imperialism, our arrogance, our Capitalism ~ so we are told.

You see, we avoid confronting the lies and the consequences of not holding them to account has given us $18 Trillion Dollars in debt and an unfunded liability that rival the value of the entire Stock Market.

The deception of the corrupt politicians and their anti-freedom agendas have given the United States of America the single largest debt in human history.

Yet, they keep piling on the National Credit Card a debt that will take generations of Americans, your children and their children’s children to pay off, if ever they could.

But it’s not just about our gargantuan national debt. It’s also the government’s corrupt agenda that endangers the safety of our nation, our very well being and threatens the freedom and prosperity for all of mankind.

America’s debt has profound global implications that go far beyond our pocketbooks. Our debt makes us subservient to China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and people who do not necessarily like us very much.

It’s the out of control spending by Washington bureaucrats and their anti-freedom policies that are weakening America and diminishing our international stature.

An America that suffers from a lack of domestic tranquility and incapable of a coherent foreign policy projects weakness. This emboldens the villains around the world to have their way with peaceful neighbors as well as oppressing their own people… the evidence is overwhelming.

Just look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran’s defiance in pursuing nuclear-power causing instability in the Middle East and around the world. Syria in chaos, unrest in Egypt, al-Qaida in Libya, Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, all are existential threats to our friends in Israel.

Then there’s the global persecution of Christians, riots in Venezuela, Russian war ships in Cuba 90 miles from Key West. China’s modernizing military, their growing global influence, the resurgence of Marxist dictators in Africa, South America, and increasing tensions in South East Asia as well as the Korea peninsula.

All of this making the world a far more dangerous place because the current occupant of the White House is like the Emperor with no cloths!

This Administration has worked hard to diminish our influence all over the world. They call this “leading from behind.” But when you’re staring at the behinds of others, that’s not leading, that’s following. And we don’t follow Marxist dictators or any tyrants who have contempt for human liberty!

America doesn’t have a foreign policy today. What we have is an abdication and a surrender by cowards!

The United States of America does not lead from behind ~ We – lead – by – example!

But our broken government has weakened us economically, politically and militarily. Yet if you only get the news from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN or the NYT, you might think all is well with the World and the Obama gang is doing a fine job.

Nothing can be further from the truth:

• Just ask Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy, if the BLM is doing a fine job.
• Ask the family of Brian Terry who was killed in Fast & Furious about the DOJ.
• Ask the families of our Benghazi heroes about defending Americans abroad..
• Ask Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote about the IRS, ATF and OSHA.
• Ask all those who lost their healthcare insurance about Obamacare.
• Ask those who have given up looking for work about how they’re doing.

Why do we put up with these deceptions? Why do we accept these lies? Why do we permit the destruction of the United States by corrupt politicians who clearly do not have America’s best interest at heart?

Well, these are of course rhetorical questions, because in fact we have been doing something about it… It’s called the Tea Party and for the past 5 years,

• We’ve been calling out dishonest politicians!
• We’ve pushed back against corrupt media!
• We’ve rallied fellow Americans who have not been paying attention till now!
• We’ve run Tea Party candidates for office successfully!
• We’ve organized grassroots initiatives to hold elected officials to account!

And for our troubles, we’ve been reviled, smeared, maligned, vilified, ostracized, criminalized and even targeted by the IRS. That’s because they’re desperately trying to protect the corrupt status quo!

But ladies and gentlemen, America is worth the fight for! There is no doubt, the United States of America is still the greatest nation of earth. Take it from one whose family suffered unspeakable savagery under a brutal Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Having also lived in West Africa as a child, I’ve seen first hand the oppression of a corrupt 3rd world government and know friends who grew up without the freedoms and blessings we take for granted in the United States.

America’s Founding was a profound event in human history. Mankind lived under the indignity of tyrants for centuries with entire populations serving their elite masters for countless generations until the Founding of the United States.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights restored human dignity and liberated ordinary people to live free as never before!

Our system of governance “of the people, by the people and for the people” not only defended liberty, it unleashed the power of the human spirit to create, prosper and reach for the stars!

In a free America the sky had truly become the limit and that is why America has been the beacon of hope for humanity for over 200 years!

And that is why I am a naturalized American citizen by choice!

You bet our Constitution, American Liberty & Justice is worth fighting for!

2014 is a critical election year. let’s make this the year of America’s restoration!

Ladies and gentlemen we have much to do before November ~ let’s roll !


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