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Unshackle Humanity from Oppressive Control

If you get your news from the mainstream media, read publications like Rolling Stone, US, People, the New Yorker, Time or Newsweek, and if you believe the “Progressive” dominated educational system in America is beyond reproach, then you will likely believe the propaganda of the United Nations that controlling human population growth is one of the true global challenges of our time.

“Progressives,” many of whom subscribe to eugenics, chief among them the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger, believe human occupation of the planet is the problem and thus humanity must be controlled. We are told that our behavior and our breeding habits must be managed lest we exhaust all of the planet’s resources to our own detriment. It’s not a conspiracy to say, many if not all “Progressives” believe in population control. In fact they tacitly condone the one-child per family policy in Communist China as a legitimate solution for managing the most populous nation on the planet.

Let’s imagine giving each of the 6.6 billion human beings on the planet 1,000 square feet of space. Did you know that we can fit every man woman and child into the state of Texas? Texas has 267,339 square miles or 7,452,983,577,600 square feet. Each man woman and child may occupy 1,000 square feet of the Lone Star state with plenty of land left over. So is humanity and its behavior really the blight of our planet as all the “Progressive” prognosticators of global gloom and doom profess? Ask yourselves, do those champions of population control really have the best interest of their fellow human beings at heart? Or do they perhaps have an ulterior motive?

Is humanity really destroying the planet, so we must control its expansion and behavior to role back its ill effects? Put another way, “they” want to control the population because the planet’s precious resources are scant and there is not enough to go around.

I submit if we have honest brokers creating the right policies to manage resources responsibly there would not be population control nor the need to curtail and penalize the advancement of the human species. Instead we have power brokers and dishonest politicians who perpetuate the fear of an impending crisis such as Global Warming now renamed due to the embarrassing decade long cooling trend to “Climate Change.”

The truth is there isn’t a shortage of resources to sustain the Earth’s population. What we have is a shortage of honesty, integrity and a deficit of real leadership which works on behalf of humanity’s best interest. Those who propagandize to instill fear that humans are destroying the planet do have an ulterior motive. Their aim is the re-distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, and to strategically position themselves to be the authority in charge. Their tactic to force the rich to relinquish assets is with “guilt & shame” while they indoctrinate the poor with the idea of “victimhood & entitlement.” The result is the divisive and hate filled discourse that has set the world on fire. It’s all about power and not about improving the human condition or even protecting the planet.

Imagine instead, if we could enable humanity to live in liberty where all individuals are able to pursue their own happiness. Imagine all leaders working to establish government of the people, for the people and by the people, as our Founders intended for America. The American “miracle” profoundly uplifted humanity in a mere two centuries when for 5,000 years people lived under elite monarchies and oppressive tyranny.

Humanity subsisted in abject poverty for over fifty centuries, yet within a scant 200 years of America’s Founding deadly diseases were eradicated, basic necessities of life became abundant, technological advancement profoundly improved the quality of life for ordinary people, and we put men on the moon. This was no accident because America liberated the human spirit in ways never before in human history ~ Freedom delivered miracles! Now, imagine if that is the pervasive message for humanity today instead of Climate Change and one of blaming our natural inclination for the advancement of the human condition, think of what we can accomplish in the next 200 years.


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