Thanks and a farewell to my friends at the Newport Rifle Club

July 15, 2016

Dear Friends and Fellow NRC Members,

Forgive me for being sentimental, after all we gun-owners are supposed to be “insensitive gun-totting rednecks” devoid of emotion, compassion and morality, right? But, today I wish to break rank and express my sincere thanks for the wonderful gift and the outpouring of good wishes that you had so graciously bestowed upon my family and I. It is truly humbling.

While I appreciate the complements for fighting attacks on our liberty, I was certainly not alone in this effort. In fact I remain grateful to so many who continue this important fight such as Bill Welsh, Tom Frank and many others.

The truth is, it is I who was the greatest beneficiary of my association with all of you because it’s been an honor and a privilege to have known some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met during my time with the Newport Rifle Club.

After 30 years in Rhode Island, we will miss our friends at the NRC and our “home state,” but we leave with the greatest gift of all, the recognition of our piers and the knowledge that our time here mattered albeit modestly.


Dexter Liu


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