Prior to 2001, Dexter Liu co-founded two privately funded companies, LCD International LLC, a partnership with Kam Toys and Novelty Mfg. Ltd. and KiDKids, INC. an Internet start -up. LCD International was an product development company specializing in the children’s entertainment and educational products and KidKids, Inc. wasn an interactive web portal serving children and parents with educational and entertainment content delivered based upon personal preferences and needs.

As a prefessional involved in industry for 30 years, Mr. Liu had diverse roles in product invention, design and development and the manufacturing of numerous commercial products that served a diverse clientele. These included Mattel Toys, Chevron Corporation, Wal-Mart, Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Kmart Corporation, Toys ‘R’ Us to name a few.

Since 1993, his enterprises have earned for his clients income revenue well in excess of $500 Million at wholesale. Mr. Liu’s inventions and designs range from interactive smart toys to educational products, consumer products and custom premium campaign solutions. As part of Mr. Liu’s extensive product development history, he has been awarded 20 patents, numerous industry awards and holds degrees in Fine Arts and Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Mr Liu is currently a consultant, freelance writer and a passionate freedom advocate residing in Rhode Island.


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