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Citizens are concerned about RhodeMap RI

Fellow Rhode Islanders: If you haven’t heard of RhodeMap RI, the so-called economic development plan, you’re in good company. Most elected officials are in the dark, as well!

Under the cover of election-year politics, the Rhode Island Division of Planning held two hearings, with virtually no public awareness, to adopt this massively transformative plan. If adopted tomorrow at a 9 a.m. meeting (at One Capitol Hill, the William E. Powers Building), RhodeMap RI could profoundly change life in Rhode Island — and not necessarily for the better.

In 2013, the General Assembly passed legislation for the Division of Planning to develop an economic plan to tackle our economic morass. The legislation was open-ended — that is, we had to begin the planning process so we could find out what’s in it.

The Division of Planning appointed a committee, assembled a “consortium,” and RhodeMap RI is the product. It was originally scheduled for a Nov. 20 adoption, but fortunately, some people who have been paying attention spoke up in loud protest. House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello stepped in to request a postponement so lawmakers could examine the plan in greater detail.

This, however, does not provide nearly enough time for a proper public vetting, especially because of the breadth and far-reaching impact of RhodeMap RI.

In a nutshell, RhodeMap RI is a Trojan horse, courtesy of the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Transportation. If adopted, it would profoundly transform Rhode Island. The plan would advocate that towns and municipalities effectively abdicate their constitutional authority for self-determination, and be instead governed by federal bureaucratic fiat.

RhodeMap RI is not at all an economic development plan. It has no economic growth metrics or even a cost-benefit analysis. What we have is a “social-equity” scheme that seeks to control and redistribute wealth and all of the state’s resources by following HUD-EPA-DOT policies and guidelines. If the plan is followed, your duly elected local governments would lose their ability to act in your interest or that of your town.

Here’s an example of the consequence of a HUD mandate, a large component of RhodeMap RI. Current HUD policies are derived from the agency’s interpretation of an old federal law, the Fair Housing Act. It has evolved to the point that HUD has begun working to dismantle the single-family zoning model because, according to some advocates, most American suburban single-family homes are unsustainable and unaffordable to those with low incomes, so they are deemed to be unfair and even racist.

Therefore, past encouragement of single-family dwellings must make way for encouraging urban-style multi-family low-income housing or Section 8 government housing. HUD has thus been actively incentivizing developers to build affordable housing and has a mandate to do so across the United States.

RhodeMap RI will be a milestone to accelerate the expansive development of multi-family low-income housing, beginning with what it designates as “opportunity zones,” or wealthy suburbs. The plan calls for strict adherence to HUD guidelines and for building affordable housing within the regions as statistically determined by “census blocks” and not by local zoning or town planning.

If towns do not adhere to HUD guidelines, they will be sued by the federal government, as has happened across America. A prominent recent case involved Westchester, N.Y.

Why is this important to you as a citizen? If you like centralized, top-down control by the federal government along the lines of the old Soviet Union, then this should not trouble you. But if, like most Americans, you take issue with that, then you must speak up and help defeat this power grab by those with an extreme agenda to deny all of us basic liberties through the planning process.

I urge my fellow Rhode Islanders to urgently engage their representatives and senators. Call your local authorities to stop this attempt to destroy the American dream in Rhode Island.

Dexter Liu, of Portsmouth, is a retired entrepreneur and business consultant. He worked for 35 years in the design, manufacturing and sales of consumer products in children’s entertainment.


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Unshackle Humanity from Oppressive Control

If you get your news from the mainstream media, read publications like Rolling Stone, US, People, the New Yorker, Time or Newsweek, and if you believe the “Progressive” dominated educational system in America is beyond reproach, then you will likely believe the propaganda of the United Nations that controlling human population growth is one of the true global challenges of our time.

“Progressives,” many of whom subscribe to eugenics, chief among them the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger, believe human occupation of the planet is the problem and thus humanity must be controlled. We are told that our behavior and our breeding habits must be managed lest we exhaust all of the planet’s resources to our own detriment. It’s not a conspiracy to say, many if not all “Progressives” believe in population control. In fact they tacitly condone the one-child per family policy in Communist China as a legitimate solution for managing the most populous nation on the planet.

Let’s imagine giving each of the 6.6 billion human beings on the planet 1,000 square feet of space. Did you know that we can fit every man woman and child into the state of Texas? Texas has 267,339 square miles or 7,452,983,577,600 square feet. Each man woman and child may occupy 1,000 square feet of the Lone Star state with plenty of land left over. So is humanity and its behavior really the blight of our planet as all the “Progressive” prognosticators of global gloom and doom profess? Ask yourselves, do those champions of population control really have the best interest of their fellow human beings at heart? Or do they perhaps have an ulterior motive?

Is humanity really destroying the planet, so we must control its expansion and behavior to role back its ill effects? Put another way, “they” want to control the population because the planet’s precious resources are scant and there is not enough to go around.

I submit if we have honest brokers creating the right policies to manage resources responsibly there would not be population control nor the need to curtail and penalize the advancement of the human species. Instead we have power brokers and dishonest politicians who perpetuate the fear of an impending crisis such as Global Warming now renamed due to the embarrassing decade long cooling trend to “Climate Change.”

The truth is there isn’t a shortage of resources to sustain the Earth’s population. What we have is a shortage of honesty, integrity and a deficit of real leadership which works on behalf of humanity’s best interest. Those who propagandize to instill fear that humans are destroying the planet do have an ulterior motive. Their aim is the re-distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, and to strategically position themselves to be the authority in charge. Their tactic to force the rich to relinquish assets is with “guilt & shame” while they indoctrinate the poor with the idea of “victimhood & entitlement.” The result is the divisive and hate filled discourse that has set the world on fire. It’s all about power and not about improving the human condition or even protecting the planet.

Imagine instead, if we could enable humanity to live in liberty where all individuals are able to pursue their own happiness. Imagine all leaders working to establish government of the people, for the people and by the people, as our Founders intended for America. The American “miracle” profoundly uplifted humanity in a mere two centuries when for 5,000 years people lived under elite monarchies and oppressive tyranny.

Humanity subsisted in abject poverty for over fifty centuries, yet within a scant 200 years of America’s Founding deadly diseases were eradicated, basic necessities of life became abundant, technological advancement profoundly improved the quality of life for ordinary people, and we put men on the moon. This was no accident because America liberated the human spirit in ways never before in human history ~ Freedom delivered miracles! Now, imagine if that is the pervasive message for humanity today instead of Climate Change and one of blaming our natural inclination for the advancement of the human condition, think of what we can accomplish in the next 200 years.

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5th Rhode Island Tax Day Tea Party

I will deliver this speech tomorrow during the 5th Rhode Island Tax Day Tea Party Rally at the State House.

Tax Day Tea Party Rally 2014

“If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan… If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor… period!” These words will go down in history among the greatest lies ever told.

These words didn’t come from just anybody, however, they came from the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief. Yet these lies didn’t target our enemies, they were directed at us ~ the American people.

Like so many lies from this Administration, these targeted us for the purpose of advancing a political agenda that is antithetical to the founding of the United States.

This agenda contradicts our constitutional principles of liberty and justice for all Americans. Yes, Obamacare like so many policies from this White House attacks our unalienable right to pursue happiness ~ on our terms.

Today, we’re constantly told to be socially responsible. We are forced to surrender an ever increasing share of our income to government to redistribute to all those important social causes we all must care about, lest we be called greedy, racist, bigots and other hateful names.

But that is not enough, for we need to believe that we must collectively solve the World’s social ills because, according to them, we created these problems in the first place due to America’s successful way of life.

But even that is not enough, because although we don’t have enough money to pay for it all, we must indebt future generations of Americans to pay for ‘social-justice,’ ‘economic-justice,’ ‘environmental-justice,’ ‘income-inequality’ and all of the injustices because of American imperialism, our arrogance, our Capitalism ~ so we are told.

You see, we avoid confronting the lies and the consequences of not holding them to account has given us $18 Trillion Dollars in debt and an unfunded liability that rival the value of the entire Stock Market.

The deception of the corrupt politicians and their anti-freedom agendas have given the United States of America the single largest debt in human history.

Yet, they keep piling on the National Credit Card a debt that will take generations of Americans, your children and their children’s children to pay off, if ever they could.

But it’s not just about our gargantuan national debt. It’s also the government’s corrupt agenda that endangers the safety of our nation, our very well being and threatens the freedom and prosperity for all of mankind.

America’s debt has profound global implications that go far beyond our pocketbooks. Our debt makes us subservient to China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and people who do not necessarily like us very much.

It’s the out of control spending by Washington bureaucrats and their anti-freedom policies that are weakening America and diminishing our international stature.

An America that suffers from a lack of domestic tranquility and incapable of a coherent foreign policy projects weakness. This emboldens the villains around the world to have their way with peaceful neighbors as well as oppressing their own people… the evidence is overwhelming.

Just look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran’s defiance in pursuing nuclear-power causing instability in the Middle East and around the world. Syria in chaos, unrest in Egypt, al-Qaida in Libya, Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, all are existential threats to our friends in Israel.

Then there’s the global persecution of Christians, riots in Venezuela, Russian war ships in Cuba 90 miles from Key West. China’s modernizing military, their growing global influence, the resurgence of Marxist dictators in Africa, South America, and increasing tensions in South East Asia as well as the Korea peninsula.

All of this making the world a far more dangerous place because the current occupant of the White House is like the Emperor with no cloths!

This Administration has worked hard to diminish our influence all over the world. They call this “leading from behind.” But when you’re staring at the behinds of others, that’s not leading, that’s following. And we don’t follow Marxist dictators or any tyrants who have contempt for human liberty!

America doesn’t have a foreign policy today. What we have is an abdication and a surrender by cowards!

The United States of America does not lead from behind ~ We – lead – by – example!

But our broken government has weakened us economically, politically and militarily. Yet if you only get the news from NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN or the NYT, you might think all is well with the World and the Obama gang is doing a fine job.

Nothing can be further from the truth:

• Just ask Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy, if the BLM is doing a fine job.
• Ask the family of Brian Terry who was killed in Fast & Furious about the DOJ.
• Ask the families of our Benghazi heroes about defending Americans abroad..
• Ask Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote about the IRS, ATF and OSHA.
• Ask all those who lost their healthcare insurance about Obamacare.
• Ask those who have given up looking for work about how they’re doing.

Why do we put up with these deceptions? Why do we accept these lies? Why do we permit the destruction of the United States by corrupt politicians who clearly do not have America’s best interest at heart?

Well, these are of course rhetorical questions, because in fact we have been doing something about it… It’s called the Tea Party and for the past 5 years,

• We’ve been calling out dishonest politicians!
• We’ve pushed back against corrupt media!
• We’ve rallied fellow Americans who have not been paying attention till now!
• We’ve run Tea Party candidates for office successfully!
• We’ve organized grassroots initiatives to hold elected officials to account!

And for our troubles, we’ve been reviled, smeared, maligned, vilified, ostracized, criminalized and even targeted by the IRS. That’s because they’re desperately trying to protect the corrupt status quo!

But ladies and gentlemen, America is worth the fight for! There is no doubt, the United States of America is still the greatest nation of earth. Take it from one whose family suffered unspeakable savagery under a brutal Chinese Communist dictatorship.

Having also lived in West Africa as a child, I’ve seen first hand the oppression of a corrupt 3rd world government and know friends who grew up without the freedoms and blessings we take for granted in the United States.

America’s Founding was a profound event in human history. Mankind lived under the indignity of tyrants for centuries with entire populations serving their elite masters for countless generations until the Founding of the United States.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights restored human dignity and liberated ordinary people to live free as never before!

Our system of governance “of the people, by the people and for the people” not only defended liberty, it unleashed the power of the human spirit to create, prosper and reach for the stars!

In a free America the sky had truly become the limit and that is why America has been the beacon of hope for humanity for over 200 years!

And that is why I am a naturalized American citizen by choice!

You bet our Constitution, American Liberty & Justice is worth fighting for!

2014 is a critical election year. let’s make this the year of America’s restoration!

Ladies and gentlemen we have much to do before November ~ let’s roll !

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Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America: This is what it looks like

A September 19, 2013 article in the Wall Street Journal titled: “Washington Sees Incomes Soar as Most of U.S. Declines,” turned my stomach. It reported that in this the worst recession in our lifetime, when people all over America are suffering from lost wages, devastated careers, jobs eliminated never to return and foreclosures on their American Dreams, Washington D.C. sees a near 25% hike in personal income. Clearly, the Washington ruling class have managed to redistribute America’s wealth to quite literally line their pockets and those of their friends and political supporters. We have now gone from a government by the people, of the people and for the people to a despotic tyranny where the people work to serve their masters in the ruling political establishment.

The history of humanity has been one where despotic leaders or the “enlightened” elites rule over the common people as subjects until America’s Founders created a system of government where the people were the boss. Those in elected office, as well as those in government, “served” the interests of the citizenry in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. In fact, they have a sworn duty to defend and preserve the Constitution. The “individual, the most vulnerable “minority,” was protected under the law to freely pursue their personal interests. This system profoundly unshackled the human spirit in ways that allowed ordinary people to do extraordinary things in a remarkably short period of time. A miraculous transformation of the world resulted, lifting much of humanity out of the dark ages of the past to profoundly better the lives of countless billions around the planet. Within 200 years since America’s founding, humanity went from a primitive existence where, for 5000 years, fields were plowed by beasts to global air travel and men landing on the moon. America was the miracle that transformed the world so ordinary people may live with dignity and prosperity such as never in human history.

The WSJ article told an alarming story. It showed me that Obama and his thugs are rapidly undoing the American miracle and have made stunning “progress.” In less than five years, they have managed to render our Constitution nearly irrelevant by turning a government by, for and of the people on its head. The system that was the miracle is in shambles with a malignant cancerous tumor of corruption and malfeasance. This administration has deliberately worked to widen the divisions in America as never before, driving a poisonous wedge between neighbors, families, races; pitting workers against employers, government against businesses, rich versus poor, non-Christians against Christians, Americans against Americans. Our moral compass has been shattered under this president and his administration as they wine and dine special interests in our White House to advance their “fundamental transformation of America” while presiding over the misery of this endless recession. The most prosperous economy on Earth is stricken with a malaise we’ve not seen in our lifetime. The U.S. Treasury has accumulated the largest debt in human history while default and bankruptcy looms in cities and towns across the nation. The best healthcare system on the planet is being systematically dismantled to make way for more governmental control over (quite literally) the life and death of every citizen. The most powerful military in the world is in disarray due to an utter lack of leadership. While destructive policies of political correctness by this administration serve only to confuse and weaken our nation’s defenses. Institutions that once had the trust of all Americans are being utilized to attack the administration’s political opponents and average law-abiding Americans just because they share a different view of the trajectory of our nation. Our educational institutions, once the envy of the world are now infested by corrupt ideologues who despise their own country. Their utter corruption and incompetence are now rendering our educational standards to lag far behind nations who used to sent their best and brightest to America. Our culture has lost its way and our people dispirited to a numb and tacit acceptance of a new normal that by any measure should be entirely unacceptable. Our youth now wallow in a suspended state of pessimism and a fundamental lack of hope for a brighter tomorrow.

What has happened to us? Why do we, as Americans, allow this to go on? As the nation of free individualists with what used to be an inexhaustible can-do spirit, we have always been the beacon of hope for the world. Others followed us because of our example. President Vladimir Putin of Russia, recently attacked the idea of “American-exceptionalism.” His scathing rebuke of Obama’s clumsy speech in which the President spoke of this concept demonstrated his ignorance as well as our own president’s utter misunderstanding of its true meaning. It’s not that we believe we are a better people or even an exceptional one. The “exception” refers to our nation’s legacy of freedom and its profound effects on humanity. Our Founders chose to create a nation that reveres the rights of the individual as God-given and a government with a Constitutional duty to defend that right. The “rule” has always been governments with power and authority over the people and never a people with the right for self-determination. Thus, the path our Founders chose for America was the “exception,” not the “rule.” No political power or nation in human history had ever imagined a government that is of, by and for the people except for the United States and this historical fact is called “American-exceptionalism.”

Undeniably, this “exception” profoundly transformed the world. Now more than ever, it is incumbent upon all Americans to understand just what this idea really means because so many take their liberty entirely for granted since they have never known tyranny. Tragically, many are quite content to trade away their liberty for a little security, or at least the promise thereof from power-hungry politicians.

This WSJ article is a smoking gun that Washington D.C. has gone horribly awry and wholesale reform is an existential requirement to sustain liberty. We must fight to return America to that exceptional path and eradicate the despotism that is infecting our political class. Like much of the troubled world today, despotism, which in Putin’s world and sadly Obama’s, appears to not be the exception but the rule.


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A Message of Unity

Conservatives seem often to be caught flat footed when confronted with the topic of race in America while our opponents exploit this issue shamelessly to advance their political agenda. Have you ever wondered why America is so preoccupied with race and ethnicity? Those pesky forms and applications for Social Security and other government agencies are perfect examples of this obsession. They require you to check off boxes for “race”: Black/African American, Hawaiian Native, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Other Pacific Islander, Asian, White. And under “ethnicity”, Latino or Hispanic.

As an immigrant Asian-American who grew up internationally, I never could understand why racial or ethnic designations matter anyway? I married my wife for who she is, not because of race. Our son is a terrific “American” teenager, not a “Eurasian-American.” I don’t view myself as defined by my race, and I certainly do not view others in that regard. Do we not teach our children to never judge a book by its cover? Have we not twice elected a president who is a black-American? So are we not now living in a post-racial era or is this all just lip service about how “tolerant” we are? Was it not Dr. Martin Luther King who said that he had a dream that one day we would all be judged by the content of our character and not by the color of our skin?

Why then are government bureaucracies deliberately segregating us as a people? Even more importantly, why do we allow them to do so? Sure, race relation in America is a delicate matter but I would argue that it is our complacency that has made it so. In fact it’s gotten to the point where if conservatives speak out on anything remotely race related, we’re labeled “intolerant” or worse, “racist” ~ is it any wonder why we’re so divided?

In the 60s my family lived in Sierra Leone, West Africa providing me some perspective on this issue. My friends included children from the American, Russian, British, French, Italian, Nigerian, Liberian, German missions as well as local Sierra Leonean kids and the children of Lebanese, Israeli merchants. We attended school and socialized together. Race was never an issue with any of us ~ the topic simply never came up.

In the fall of 1968, I attended high school in Connecticut. It was in America I first experienced a new phenomenon – racial self-segregation. Black and white students sat apart at separate cafeteria tables. Having lived overseas with multi-racial friends this was shocking to me. Even at fourteen I found it deeply troubling but quickly learned that this was just the way it was.

We can examine American history, the role of slavery but that would entirely missed the point. The truth is, race and ethnicity have been shamelessly exploited by some for political purposes for far too long. Over the decades, their playing the race-card has driven an ugly and divisive wedge into American politics and into American society. There’s little doubt racism still exists but perhaps not in the way one might think. In fact, much of racism today is fueled by some entirely for political advantage and that is utterly reprehensible! It’s a cancer that is poisoning America and is a malignancy for which we must find a cure for we have both a moral obligation to future generations as well as a duty to honor the memory and legacy of Dr. King.

I don’t presume to have the answers and there are no magic pills. But as Americans we must stand tall, seek the truth and always do what is right. We must not cower or succumb to the tactics of racial division and we must defeat those who promote our differences for political advantage. Separating us into diverse groups or promoting “diversity” is how they’ve had short term political gain but tragically to the long term detriment of America.

The United States of America must not be permanently divided into pockets of races, cultures, religions, ethnicities or people who don’t trust each others. We must remain a nation of people united through our common interests ~ an America that values liberty, human dignity and a noble national purpose. The values and beliefs that have made America the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth is a message that can and will resonate again but it must be delivered with thoughtfulness, consistency and with a firm commitment to our principles.

A message of unity should begin with our children. There has now been decades of liberal-progressive indoctrination corrupting and occupying our schools by radical educators who clearly do not share our American values. Some openly preach hatred towards America, push revisionist history and deny our kids a learning environment where critical thinking, objective discourse, individual expression and common sense used to nurture creative, responsible and productive citizens. We also have a media and entertainment industry that traffics in amorality to such an extent, core American values are being abandoned by our youth as an even more corrupt new normal emerges in our popular culture. Faith, Family and Freedom are under relentless and open assault in America today.

We face a perilous time and risk losing generations who enter our society believing in the worst of their own heritage. Those who wish to fundamentally transform America into something we don’t recognize or want had declared war on our national sovereignty and our way of life decades ago ~ shame on us for remaining silent for so long.

Perhaps President Obama is a product of our silence. Things that he says and does reflect not only a misunderstanding of our founding, they reveal contempt for our traditional institutions and our American heritage. If I could speak to him personally I would say this to him:

Mr. President, you say that ‘we cling to our guns and our religion with antipathy towards those who are not like us…’

You are right. We do cling to our religion because the Bible teaches us three very important values: Virtue, Wisdom and Humility. Values you will find useful in your life.

We do cling to our guns because we have a right and a duty to defend our lives, our liberty and those of our loved ones. We take that responsibility very seriously. We believe the rights of the individual are unalienable and we will never abdicate that responsibility to anyone including government.

And yes, we do have antipathy towards those who are not like us, but not in the way you think. We love our country and our fellow Americans. We revere our faith in God, family, patriotism and we resent anyone who will attack or betray those values we hold so dear.

Our American values are fundamental, they are the glue that binds us together and indeed they have kept us strong. We abandon those values at our peril. As patriots we must stand for American values and promote a message of unity. And most certainly, we must never ourselves default to these racially divisive tactics used by those whose goal is to divide us. Regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or even party affiliation, as Americans we share a far more profound mutual interest and that is ~ our love of Country.

It has been said that silence is consent. If we truly care about our beloved nation and for future generations to know what it really means to be American – then we must be silent no more.

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What Now?

Alas, saving America will have to wait. With the re-election of President Obama, no doubt the malaise of the last four years will continue. In fact, I believe it will get much worse because he will double down on his atrocious policies of anti-prosperity and anti-liberty. So what do we do now? I’m perhaps just as befuddled as anybody, but if we are true to our convictions as patriots, now is not the time to give up on America.

Having had a month now to ponder the election aftermath, I’ve come to a conclusion that might surprise you. Conservatism did not lose. What won was not ideas or principles. What won was the most divisive election in American history. One that saw masterful manipulation, blatant lies, Machiavellian deceit, media slight of hand and more promises that couldn’t possibly be kept by Democrats. In short Chicago style machine politics won. Republicans want to protect the rich. Make the rich pay their fair share! The GOP are at war with women, they want dirty air, dirty water and they want to throw granny over a cliff.

Are you kidding me? What won was a compliant media running interference for a failed presidency and the truth was simply denied to the people. Some say the takers now outnumber makers so America is now lost, and if you can’t be Santa Claus you will always lose elections. That may be so but when the well is dry as it just about is, what then?

I’m not going to paint a rosy picture where there is none. To do so would be folly. I do believe, however, if we can level the playing field by going toe to toe against the left’s machine politics to level the playing field, then our ideas and solutions will win the day. It isn’t going to be easy but neither was it easy for a handful of farmers to rebel against the most powerful army on the planet in 1773. Make no mistake, it will be a tough four years but prevail we must. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill: ““Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

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The Morning After

I don’t mind sharing with you that I am deeply saddened and disappointed with my fellow Americans. In fact, I am angry. The good news is, as conservatives and patriots we don’t turn over cars and set them on fire or break store windows to loot or pillage just because we lost an election. But nevertheless, I am mad as hell at the idiots who call themselves Americans who voted to return the Liar-in-chief to our White House.

We have a president who could not offer a brighter vision for the future of America based on his accomplishment, because he has none. To the contrary, he has unequivocally made things much worse than when his predecessor left office. It’s no wonder then that he could only resort to a campaign of division, slander, lies and character assassination. So last night, class warfare won. Racial hatred won. Corruption and deceit won. Liberal-Media bias won. Immorality won. Lawlessness won. And so the Chicago way prevailed.

If there is any hope left at all, it is in the narrowness of the victory by the America-hater-in-chief. But rest assured, the next 4 years will be pure hell. Why do I know this? Because I have his record as evidence. We will see the doubling down of the current divisiveness in government. Lack of leadership will continue. Our porous southern borders will continue to let in more people who do not belong in America, or should I say, undocumented Democrats. These once United States will be at war with Washington D.C. to fight for their Constitutional sovereignty. This while Obama and his “blame America first” gang will cede our national sovereignty to the UN with the blessing of the new Senate.

Soon we’ll be a more compliant global citizen marching in unity under UN laws ratified by the Marxists-dictator-membership. Under Obama’s watch, these laws and treaties will supersede the US Constitution in America and this new Senate will grease the skids. Since the Senate and the White House don’t control the purse strings, partisan bickering will reach levels never before imagined. Our Constitution will be in real jeopardy not only from the routine assaults by this Administration via executive fiat or by their simply ignoring the rule of law as Obama has done in the last 4 years, but because he will appoint 3 additional liberal-progressive judges to the Supreme Court.

That, my friends, will be the last nail in the coffin for a free America because the Constitutional republic will become but a distant memory. But hey, if you love tyranny, you will love this new Obama-normal. Our freedoms as citizens will be curtailed even further by even bigger central government so better go spend what few Dollars you’ve got left because Uncle Obama is coming for it to redistribute to those who don’t have any use for work. But the best news is we now have a Senate loaded with leftist radicals who believe “you don’t own that” so brace yourself because they will surely come after what they believe belongs to the “collective.” What property rights? Do memories of Chairman Mao come to mind anyone?

Oh, and the “green” energy “investments” will continue unabated despite the train wreck of the last 4 years. Solyndra was a mere warm up act. Obama will do this not because he believes in “saving the planet” but because he needs more of your money to pay off his supporters and campaign bundlers. What, did you say you’re tapped out? That’s OK, he’ll just borrow more! My son and his generation will pay it back, they won’t mind. Besides Obama won’t put all of it on the credit card of the future generations, he has Ben Bernanke. The Federal Reserve will just print more!

And BTW, once Obama has cut our military down to the bone, now that he’s in his second term, he will soon get on the red-phone with Putin to tell him: “Vladimir, mission accomplished!” So to all you liberal-useful idiots out there, job well done. You have just accomplished what generations of America’s enemies could not by being complicit in the demise of our republic. Now bend over and kiss your sorry-collective-free-American asses good bye.

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